Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Relaxing Nap

So, I got up this morning as usual. ‘Get up’ though, is sort of a misnomer. I dragged myself out of bed, using language that actually caused smoke to rise from the carpet. I threw on some sweats, jumped on my exercise bike, did 20-minutes, ate breakfast, and then hopped in the shower.

I was going about my business applying soap to various bits and at some point, I’m pretty sure I fell asleep. Now, I’m not 100% on this, but I did spend almost twenty-minutes in there, so I either took the slowest shower in my entire life (personal best: 1 minutes, 39 seconds) or ninjas snuck into my house and reset the clocks (and my watch, and the clocks at work, including on my computer which is password protected).

It was just kind of odd. I honestly didn’t think you could do that. Now, I love a good hot shower as much as the next guy, maybe more so than most, but falling asleep standing up in a tub with hot water hitting you seems like a stretch.

Now I’m wondering at what other times I’ve fallen asleep and not realized it. I know I did it in high school (a lot) and I have no actual recollections of church, though my mother made me go for a number of years. Come to think of it, ’84 is kind of a blur, as is ’95-’99.

Upon reflection, what did I blog about last week?



J. Alexander Van Belkum said...

I never fell asleep in school until the eigth grade, in my math class. Despite sleeping through _every_ class I still got 100%s on all--and I mean all--of my tests. So the teacher gave me an algebra book and I taught myself algebra.

Jason Janicki said...

Cool! I never got the hang of algebra, I was much better at geometry :)

Jerron said...

It was a time warp. Some people never experience these; others (like myself) are prone to be vexed by them are odd intervals. (Duh, you can't time them!)

Just recently, a fellow at work said, "It's almmost time, let's go," and I looked, and it was about 15 minutes early. He looked again at his watch (now that I was in proximity) and it read about 12 minutes earlier than he was sure it read when he looked (and I wasn't there). So we messed around for about 5 minutes, and I got that 'look at your watch feeling', and it was 5 minutes past time. 5 minutes subjective = 20 mintes clock time, with another witness this time, too. It's kinda freaky th first time, but welcome to the club. :)

But- I have fallen asleep in the army once, marching. At the end, when we made a tight right turn to go to the barracks, the guy behind me woke me up when he was steering me by the shoulders, since I just kept marching straight. I think I must have been napping for something amazing like 2 hours...

Jason Janicki said...

The obvious answer is that you're a mutant with time-bending powers, Jerron. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Granted, you can just say 'hell with it' and have fun instead :)