Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So, it seems Michael Phelps has won something like 10,000 medals. They are apparently proactively just awarding him medals from future Olympics to save time and effort. He can’t actually wear them all at one time, as their combined weight would pull him through the Earth’s mantle into the magma beneath.

Which, honestly, he’d probably just swim through and get another couple dozen medals.

Now, I’m not trying to say Phelps doesn’t deserve all these medals. This is a man that could probably do forty laps backwards while carrying a goat before I worked up the courage to jump in.

NOTE: To my knowledge, any body of water larger than a bathtub contains sharks. Now, I’m not afraid of sharks, it’s just that I have to go in with a Garand and a scuba tank. Just in case.

It just seems that there are a lot of medals to be won in swimming. I mean, it’s like they get medals for getting off the bus. Finish brushing your teeth first? Medal. Eat all your peas? Medal. Level your Hunter in WoW? Medal.

Other sports in the Summer Games aren’t like this. There’s only one medal at the end for boxers and they have to pummel other human beings for the honor. Kayaking? Only one. Gymnastics? I think there’s two: individual and team.

And then there’s the Decathalon. Ten separate events . These guys have to run, jump, climb, leap, run some more, wrestle a bear, jump again, slap a carp, sing an old sea shanty, and dance a jig. And only if they did all of these things sufficiently well do they get a medal.

It just kinda seems a little unfair.

Now, if there was sharks in the pool during the events, they could have all the medals they wanted. The swimmers, not the sharks. Though, I suppose if a shark got a swimmer, they should get a medal too.

It would only be fair.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Leigh’s Pooped

Leigh apparently spent his weekend scraping his house in preparation for repainting and as such, is completely wiped out and sore. This means that there will be no updates this week as he’s recuperating.

My suggestion that he learn to draw with some other part of his anatomy was met with silence. I can only assume he was thinking deeply about which part of himself he wanted to tape a pencil to and start practicing.

So, I will have a blog up tomorrow and hopefully, in the future, Leigh will have some eyeball or ear or butt drawings to share.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con: Part 2

Yes, we did survive. It was 41 hours of concrete floors, hot dogs, costumes, comics, fans, and of course, cinnamon pretzels (I kept myself to one day).

It was a really fun con as always. This was year #4 for us, so there weren’t too many surprises. We’ve gotten pretty good at con-going, so we know what to pack and what not to. At our first con, Emerald City, we literally packed a suitcase worth of stuff (food, extra food,  a machete, snacks, a banana, sweaters, pants, jackets, more snacks, pepper spray, and 100 feet of rope, just in case). Now we get by with a couple backpacks and Leigh’s portfolio case.

In all honesty, nothing truly weird happened this year. Oh, there were a couple of crazy people, but you get those at every con. We did see Sean Astin (Samwise from the Lord of the Rings trilogy), but that was it as far as celebrities I recognized. Granted, I don’t watch much TV, so we could have had a veritable conga line of celebrities going by the table and I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

I really wish I had some fascinating story about a publisher or celebrity or something, but as one of my old bosses used to say ‘I got nothin’.’

I did get a bunch of photos, though, which you can view on our Facebook page.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con: Part 1

Well, we survived!

It was an exhausting, but fun 41 hours (I counted) of comics, costumes, carcinogens, and other things beginning with 'c.'

NOTE: I say carcinogens as I probably ate my weight in hot dogs. Probably not healthy, but what you eat at a con doesn't count. This is a rule I came up with specifically so I can eat hot dogs at cons :)

Despite a few hiccups along the way, we did pretty well. We met a lot of existing fans and made some new ones. I did not see any celebrities, but then again, I don't watch much TV, so I wouldn't know what they looked like anyway.

Speaking of which, apparently I almost body-slammed some star I've never heard. In my defense, he was between me and a door that led to dinner. It's not my fault he wasn't looking out for 200-pounds of solid nerd that desperately needed a burger. Needless to say, Leigh thought this was hilarious.

In other news, I have a bunch of pictures that I will be putting up shortly. I used my iPad to take said pictures and now I have to figure out how to get them off it and onto my main machine so I can resize them for the web. In my defense, I figured that the iPad had a camera, so I didn't need to take my regular one.

Yeah, not a great idea.

Anyway, there will be more stories coming next week along with (hopefully) pictures.