Monday, July 30, 2012

Leigh’s Pooped

Leigh apparently spent his weekend scraping his house in preparation for repainting and as such, is completely wiped out and sore. This means that there will be no updates this week as he’s recuperating.

My suggestion that he learn to draw with some other part of his anatomy was met with silence. I can only assume he was thinking deeply about which part of himself he wanted to tape a pencil to and start practicing.

So, I will have a blog up tomorrow and hopefully, in the future, Leigh will have some eyeball or ear or butt drawings to share.



"gunner" said...

find a pretty girl to give him back rubs with a jar of "hot ice" salve. that will fix him right up.

Jason Janicki said...

He's got a pretty girl, so I'll suggest that. Thanks!

Ariedren said...

Oh yeah, been there, done that. Was it lead paint?

Jason Janicki said...

I dunno. Isn't lead paint illegal?

That would explain a few things though ;)

"gunner" said...

lead paint illegal? it varies, but usually it's banned where a child might come in contact with it. in most cases of "lead poisoning" it takes long time exposure to lead fumes or high concentrations airborne particles to do damage. ir sounds like leigh's problem is simple over exertion of muscles. if in doubt check in with a doctor.