Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My Peeps are now stale.

No, this is a good thing! If there’s one thing I love in this world, its stale Peeps.

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about (few sentient creatures do), Peeps are sugar-coated marshmallow critters in the shapes of bunnies and chicks. They are a traditional Easter treat for no fathomable reason.

Here is a picture of Peeps I stole from Wikipedia:

Anyway, I like my Peeps stale. Many of my friends find this amusing and like to mock me for it. I let them laugh, content in the knowledge that I could deliver a savage beating to them with but one of my stale bunnies.

NOTE: I could attach several stale peeps to chains and then a handle. It would be a Peep Flail. This would rock.

So, every year when I notice Peeps in the store, I buy six or so boxes, where ‘or so’ is defined as ten to twenty. I then bring them home, open them, and put them in a cupboard and then forget about them for about three weeks.

Once I remember, I open the cupboard and there lies a veritable trove of sugar-coated stale treasure. One year, I forgot about them for about six months. When I finally tried one, I literally had to gnaw on it (it was fantastic, btb).

Anyhow, my Peeps are now stale. I had four after dinner and they were marvelous. So there you have it, yet another look at what constitutes my life.



KathrynLynne said...

I have a wonderful mental image now of you (somehow I picture you something akin to your drawing of young Shaw - don't ask) gnawing upon stale peeps like a vicious dog gnawing at a meaty bone. O_o

A forever student said...

I've never eaten a Peep. Not that I can remember. I don't eat marshmallows, never liked them, never will like them. I don't even put them in hot chocolate. Am I odd, yes, but I'll keep on avoiding the peeps. It means more for you, Yay You!

egypt22 said...

I assert that this is not only the best way to eat Peeps, it should be a law that it is the ONLY way to eat Peeps. I'm not the biggest fan of fresh marshmallows to begin with, let alone pink ones covered in sugar.

btw- I do the same thing for normal marshmallows. When I get a package, I open them and let them sit until they are stale and chewy.

rikacmo said...

Oh my god me too. My sister gives me hell for it.

One time I forgot about a box for an entire year.

It was glorious.

Anonymous said...

Marry me.

TX_Val said...

"One time I forgot about a box for an entire year.

It was glorious."

*laugh* that's damn funny. I'm not a peeps guy, I just like to torture them, so more for you guys.

Do you ever do any artwork on the side? I can see lots of funny sketches with a peep-flail in them.

That reminds me of "Rat-Flail"
Not his best comic, but I like table top D&D so it hits home.

Though.. Alien Wig-wong is one of my favorites.

the peep flail would own.. or maybe some peep-chucks... Watch the ninjas..

uncleaimee said...

stale peeps are the shit! and so is this comic! a lesbian elven archer with a dark past?! methinks i'm in love!

Vonbek said...

ah yes... it must be Easter soon 8) yes... for the heathen that i am, Easter is signaled by the appearance of Peeps...

as a fan of Peeps, no doubt you are aware of the fine work conducted at

That, my friend, is the zenith of modern science! Nobel Prize worthy i say! Now if only we can get Al to put it in a Power Point presentation and make a movie of it... dare is say it? Oscar worthy??

pixie_bit said...

I was confused by "after dinner I had four of them" - perhaps I am just being overly trendy here, but I go with the "eat in season" thing...around here, in March and April Peeps ARE dinner (with a side of jellybeans for fiber).

A forever student said...

At TX_Val,
My friend from high school is VGcats creator fiancee. It suits her well.
Though the is awesome!

DarkWaterSong said...

My weakness is Cream Eggs....oh and I had a bunny that dam near clucked. I thought it was a chicken, even down to trying to eat beef chow main.

How it happened: we bought a very cute baby bunny. It escaped its box, so the next day we secured the box with chicken wire and phone books....same result. So the next day it was tossed into the chicken coup.

Flash forward 6 months, and I know own a full grow lop that thinks he is a chicken. Even got one of the ladies down into his burrow. I kid you not!

*Sheds a tear*
I miss Rampage, RIP.

Oh and I loath and despise Peeps, but putting them in the microwave is fun!

Greg said...

Ahhh but are you one of the few that like only one type of peep as they taste better/diffrent? I am partial to yellow peeps, most of my friends say there is no difference, but I have been eating them since I was a kid. And I agree they are better when they are slightly stale... not to the point of rock hard though.

Jason Janicki said...

Wow - this is the most comments I've ever had on a blog in the first day! When I eventually rule the world, you will all be given positions of honor.

Unfortunately, KathrynLynn, I look much more like old Shaw. And my business partner Leigh actually does all the drawing. On a good day, I can make a stick figure riding a horsie.

It takes all kinds, A forever student. Do you like tomatoes? I happen to hate them, so you may have all of mine :)

Normal marshmallows are okay soft to me, egypt22, though a day or so in an open bag is even better. I don't like them as hard as I do regular Peeps though.

Y'know rikacmo, we should put some Peeps in a time capsule and open it in about 5-years. Nothing on this earth would compare ...

One quick question Anonymous: Are you a girl?

I happen to love VG Cats! Pantsman! Dr. Hobo! The recent one where Santa was mistaken for a Boomer was priceless!

I might actually make a Peeps flail this weekend, just to take a picture of it and post it.

Thanks, uncleaimee!

Small world! Talk amongst yourselves . . .

Yes, Vonbek, I am familiar with the important work being done by those titans of science! A Nobel Prize isn't enough. They should get a gold-plated lab or something.

I like the way you think, pixie-bit!

The Cadbury eggs are good too, DarkWaterSong, though I can't eat a box in a sitting like I do with Peeps. And EVERYTHING is better in the microwave :)

I have no particular color perference for Peeps, Greg, though I do prefer the bunnies. I like to bite the ears off. I don't know why.

A forever student said...

Jason, I love tomatoes. There's nothing better than a good, ripe tomato. They're nigh near impossible to find right now though. Everybody picks them green and ships them I did come across a cluster from Texas (where I live) a few weeks ago, and ate all five of them that night. I made them into pico de gallo first, but they were so good. I'm glad that tomatoes are coming back into season.

Anonymous said...

i prefer peeps roasted over a campfire, the sugar carmalizes and forms a shell around the molten marshmellow... unfortunately peeps must be stockpiled in march/april for summertime use

pixie_bit said...

Anonymous, I can't wait to try peeps over the fire., but as for the stockpiling thing, not so, peeps are now a year-round treat! In July you have to eat the stars and flags, December the trees, etc. I will say that I still refuse to eat any non-easter peeps though - it's just not right.

Rowadanr said...

I have never tried peeps... though I do have some marshmallows left over from the last camping trip. If I coat them in shugar and let them go stale... hmmm...

Another awesome way to eat marshmallows is to be a tiny bit too enthusiastic whilst roasting them on an open fire. Marshamllow Flambẽ is awesome, provided that you put the fire out after you've finished watching the pretty geen glow and want to eat it.

Jason Janicki said...

All my tomatoes are yours, foreverstudent!

Roasted peeps could be interesting. I'll have to try that someday, assuming I can remember to not eat them :)

TX_Val said...

Gotta love the net, all this over some marshmellows with more sugar then normal.

Now.. Cadbury eggs.. the carmel ones.. if they're fresh, give me a glass of milk, and a few of these, and well... *pats his belly and sighs* it's the reason my doctor is giving me lectures.

The munchkin is on spring break, so we had marshmellows over the camp fire last night. I actually thought at you you guys, and figured I'll have to pick us up some peeps to torture.

Sounds like one of you beat me to the punch, but I'll have to get pics of my little boy cackling as he torches them.

TX_val said...

So, Jason, You say you're not the artist, are you an inker or color.. er? So this is yer story, and you found someone to illustrate it for you? Intersting, I've got something I would love to find an artist for. I just don't know any that are this talented.

Enjoying the story so far, keep it coming. That and I guess I'll break down and make a little account with this blog, since I enjoy talking to you freaks.

Billy said...

Well now i feel stupid, I didn't realize these were just google accounts, and I've had one.
*slaps himself* To busy day dreaming and watching hulu i suppose.


Natalie said...

pixie-bit- i agree, any Peep that is not an Easter Peep is just wrong. But I sometimes eat the trees. All the other ones have weird flavors (Valentine's Peeps still give me nightmares).

Jason Janicki said...

The internet is a weird and wonderful place. Mostly just weird, though.

I'm the writer and letter (letterers make the word bubbles and fit the text in). My good friend Leigh is the staggeringly talented one. He draws and inks and used to do the colors, but now we have Leah doing that (a talented artist in her own right).

Yeah, I wish I had a few more of Leigh to work on ALL my projects :)

I was unaware there were Valentine's peeps, Natalie. We'll have to get some St. Fructus day ones as well . . .

uncle aimee said...

oh, flavored peeps, how i love thee! the valentine's are strawberry, and i found chocolate bunnies and the rare and elusive orange creme eggs for easter. did jesus die on the cross just to bring us peeps? this recovering catholic thinks so!

Jason Janicki said...

Personally, I think the Easter Bunny is the one who brought us Peeps :)