Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was originally going to go for a pun on 'time marches on,' but decided against it. It just seemed to easy and seeing as how you all are intelligent, erudite folks, I did not wish to insult you. Granted, that does not explain last week's 'Were-Nerd' posts, but there you go.

Well, another busy week has passed and another is lining up. We did just get our delivery of issues #4 and #5 and they look good. You can order them from IndyPlanet if you're so inclined or make the trek to Emerald City Comic Con or Stumptown Comic Con to buy them directly from us (which we will be happy to autograph).

Of course, if you do buy them from us, you'll not only get cool comics, but will be able to brag to your friends that you bought the books directly from us back in the day, before we were famous multi-millionaires. "Oh, yes," you'll say. "I did get them at ECCC '09, back when nobody knew who Jason and Leigh were. They were very nice, though there was a strange, faint odor of cheese about them."

Look for a new page on Tuesday and the usual blogginess during the rest of the week.



Jerron said...

Hey, you never know. Some guy who played games way too much was over my house a long time ago, showing us how to play this game he made up. That was over 30 years ago, and he passed away now. His name was Gary... Well, his middle name was, anyhow.

30 years from now, someone might be saying, "You actually chatted with the people who created Iri?!" Hopefully, I can say, "Still do. Wanna say hi?"

Jason Janicki said...

Did you know Gary Gygax? If so, that would rock on an amazing number of levels.

Yeah, you never know :)