Monday, March 9, 2009

Terminator: Salvation

So, Terminator: Salvation is coming soon. I will probably go see this one on the big screen, as some movies just need it. I still haven't seen T3, so I should probably go check that one out first (though I understand there's no continuity).

There's also a new trailer out, which looks pretty cool:

Look for a new blog tomorrow!

Also, this weeks page update will be on Thursday instead of Tuesday.



Kammorremae said...

No, don't watch T3, it was terrible. Reasons not to watch T3:

1. Elderly Arnold, nuff said.
2. The made John Connor a useless pansy.
3. Violates "rules" established by the first two films.
4. The "new" terminator model they send back is actually weaker than the one from T2, when you break it down.
5. Shit happens in the future I can't even begin to discuss cause it would make watching the movie pointless, but at the same time, makes absolutely no sense.
6. There's a reason why the show and the 4th film completely ignore the existence and events depicted in T4.

spasticfreakshow said...

a-i am sad bc i was so waiting on today's comic, but

b-the terminator trailer totally made up for it! i am more stoked about this movie than i was for the last batman film, the indy jones film, or any other action film in the last few years. it looks SO GOOD. this is why hollywood has money to burn, for movies like this.

TX_Val said...

I must be late, I usually have to go back to see other's comments.

The Trailer does look good, I might have to put on pants and go outside, so I can go see this one.

I hope the lighting is ok.

The_Mess said...

T3 doesn't just break the rules of the series, it can't even keep it's own rules straight.

Lead female character spends the first third of the film trapped in the back of Awnold's stolen van, screaming to be let out.

Later, Awnold reveals he's programmed to obey her every command! Because he's programmed to obey her, he is forced to do things he really doesn't want to do, since he can't disobey (except, apparently, when she's ordering him to let her out of a stolen van).

So, naturally, the movie ends with him disobeying her, making a hash out of the entire plot.

Unless you feel the need to be a terminator completist, or just like riffing bad films with your friends while slightly (or not-so-slightly) drunk, don't waste your time on T3.

Kammorremae said...

Spoiler Alert:

If Terminator 3 had been called "Days of Future's Past", and then they changed the names of all the people and places, and recast Arnold, it would have been an above average action sci-fi flick.

But, instead, we get Arnold naked at a gay bar (elderly Arnold).

Or, better yet, take this plot hole of a plot device: Arnie 3.0 is sent back by future John Conner's wife, cause Skynet killed John Conner (didn't the first film reveal that the humans won, and that's why Skynet went back in time?). Conner was apparently Arnie 3.0. Apperantly, since Conner saw Arnie as a father figure, they sent one to kill him, figuring it could get closer (How did they find out, seeing as the only three people who knew were Arnie 3.0, John, and Sarah. Arnie 2.0 melted himself on the spot, and Sara is dead. Did John go around telling Skynet that they had gone back in time, and failed to kill him, while getting life lessons from Arnie 2.0!?)

Furthermore, if Skynet knew it had already sent two Terminators back that failed, why would it send a third? Even better, how could it? The time machine was destroyed in T1, and seeing as the timeline "changed", the original Terminators never actually got sent back (paradoxal time loop anyone?). Yet, somehow, they knew it had happened, and they went for round three.

That in itself was one of the biggest failings in T3. Everything that Sara, Reese, and John did in T1 and T2 only served to ensure that events unraveled as they were supposed to. The assassination attempts and resulting conflict MADE John Conner into the futures hope, and MADE Skyney. Had they never gone back, neither would exist.

Jerron said...

Not only all those plot holes, but right in the beginning, he
[Spoiler alert]

crashes his motorcycle, and is injured. Abandoning his drivable bike, he hitches a ride into town. I've been in much worse crashes than that, and trust me, about the worst he did to that bike was tear off some turn signals, and maybe the control lever for the clutch. Which I doubt, but let's say that happened and made the bike 'difficult' to drive- you'd still take it to town if it was the only thing you fricking owned, wouldn't you?! Sheesh, you can pop a manual tranny into gear without the clutch. Lotsa grinding ensues, (And no- I am most definitely *not* talking about that sort of tranny) but it just happens I've driven that very model with that very problem, and it's actually not all that hard.

But I do like the Indian Chief Arnie steals from the cop. That was a cool bike, too bad they went out of business. Only- now, another company bought them out, and they're making bikes again. Handmade ones *Starting* at $36,000.

Anyhow, what ^they said- you aren't missing anything important, although it was an all right sci-fi flick, it wasn't in line with anything else in the 'series' and should be stricken from the record. I hope T4 is better, and removes the disappointing stain.

Jason Janicki said...

Wow, series hate for T3. Okay, you convinced me. I might watch it if I'm really bored or need something to distract terrorists with.

T4 does look pretty cool. Here's hoping . . .