Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yes, the weekend is almost upon us.

I would like to remind everyone that Emerald City Comic Con is in two-weeks, followed quickly by Stumptown. Leigh will be happy to do quick sketches and will do full drawings for a nominal fee. I will once again be offering free sentences.

I even made a sign. It looks kinda like this:

Sentence: Free
Paragraph: $1
Novel: $20K

The way I figure it, I only really need to sell one novel.

Look for two new pages of Art the Wanderer on Monday, a new page on Tuesday, and the usual blogs the rest of the week.



TX_Val said...
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TX_Val said...

Not much to say about yer post, I suppose. That might work for one novel a year, but today's rambling is again about that LOOK between them (shaw and Iri).

If you look at Shaw's eyes, he looks kind of CRAZY in that picture. Almost like he's got a little beserker rage coming on. I'm scared for Iri and that table. :D

Her expression looks more like passive love, or maybe a little submissive, zen calm, "I know if i don't struggle it won't hurt."

I"m still leaning towards the caring father / daughter / family love. That's the problem checking your blog each day, while rereading the same page all week. Lots of questions and idea's come up about that page.

I did answer one question though.
My real doll of Iri will have the long hair and body of the young version, but the wise face of the short haired older version.


Slow day, had to come and say stupid stuff to get people talking.


Timelady said...

You know, before I read your comment, I thought this page was really sweet.

Now it looks like he's going to bite her neck.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jason Janicki said...

Wow, TX_Val, I think you put a little too much thought into this one. Like Timelady, I now can't really look at that page anymore without thinking 'can you show me on the doll where the man touched you?'

Unfortunately, Anonymous, I can't read Chinese. I will therefore assume you are expressing your deep and abiding love for the comic and admiration for Leigh and myself. Thanks :)

TX_Val said...

I didnt' mean to make it bad, it's just I've been looking at it for to many days.

You know sometimes when watching a movie you see more, each time you watch it. You catch stuff in the background, or maybe realize a comment someone made, meant something more. In Matrix, they call him "coppertop" one time, long before you find out that the people are being use for a powersource.

Anyway, I come back each day to look at your blog, and by the 3rd day, I've read the page 3 times, and the story/words aren't the distracting me from the art. Now I'm noticing more detail in the art, that I might have missed the first time.

The first day I read the page, I asked if it was fatherly/family love in their eyes, or if it was a memory of a shared night, that obviously couldn't continue due to their life styles, and probably racial differences.

I think the first time it was the look on her face and eyes that i noticed, that and the obvious physical contact.

After I posed the question, I suppose each day I looked more at each of them, and Shaw's eyes just seem to be a little off with that theory.

Then, well I'm a guy, and I enjoy joking around, and well maybe I looked at this one day at home in the dark, and had to hide under the covers after looking into shaw's very soul...

*runs and hides*

Leigh Kellogg said...

The anonymous comments on this post were in fact spam posts in Chinese. Just lots of links, some of them to porn site. I deleted them and re-set the visual blocking tools for posts. Sorry folks, but from now on we'll need to ask you to do the visual text confirmation thing in order to prevent spam. I hate doing this, but I hate spammers more.


Kris said...

So, what if one person requests a number of single sentences over the course of the day and uses them to form one strange, but possible coherent, novel?

Jason Janicki said...

That's a very good point. I suppose I'll just have to make anyone receiving two or more sentences sign a 'non-making novel' form or something. Maybe 'these sentences are for entertainment purposes only and may not be used to make money (unless it goes to Jason Janicki.' Of course, if I give the sentences to another Jason Janicki or they change their name I'm screwed.

Kris said...

There's something that would add to the oddity of a commissioned sentence, a copyright at the bottom.

Jason Janicki said...

'Sign this, this, and initial here. Everything seems to be in order, so here's your sentence about electric penguins. Enjoy!' :)