Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snow, Dammit!

Well, this Saturday, we went and say Watchmen. It's really good and well worth it. I even liked the hand-to-hand scenes, though they pulled the usual 'fast edits so the actors look good routine.'

My one complaint: It was snowing when we exited the theatre. We had planned a lovely get together at a friend's house, complete with dinner and possible Morris Dancing, but one look at the weather and we all decided to split up and head home.

As I was leaving, I decided to pull to the side of the road and make a quick cell call to let someone know the situation.

This prompted an amusing round of cell calls.

'Are you okay, we saw you pulled over?'

'Yes, I'm fine. I just don't like to drive and talk at the same time.'

'Okay, bye!'

Followed by:

'So-and-so called and said you were pulled over on the side of the road. Are you okay?'

'Yes, I'm fine. Thanks.'

Followed by:

'I heard you were-'

'I'm fine! Thank you!'

Followed even later by:

'Did you get home okay? I heard you were-'

'I'm home and I'm fine! Stop caring so much'

Actually, I do appreciate all the calls. It's just rapidity with which they arrived that got a bit silly.

Anyway, more blogging and a new page this week. Hint: Next Monday I'm going to be starting something new (no, not 'pant-less blogging'. Stay tuned!



TX_Val said...

Yes, sometimes technology is just wierd. What's worse is the social sites. I'm not much into them, but my g/f is and it's strange to get calls from friends that found out stuff from the internet, about me. Mainly when they call asking why she's mad at me, again.
I usually just tell them it wasn't my fault, the cat slipped on the razor, and shaved himself.

I'm old enough to remember my parents leaving the baby sitter a list of numbers to the resturant and movie theater, or whatever. In case there was an emergency. Now the speed at which text messages get 'forward' is rather scarey.

Jerron said...

You don't get a lot of snow in Redmond, do you? To cancel something like that around here, it wouldn't be "It's snowing" it'd be "It's snowing and dumped 4 inches in the last hour, they say it'll be 12 inches before it's done".

You ever see Clint Hollingsworth? Just curious, my astute powers of observation and deduction finally put the pieces together to realize you all are near Seattle, and make web comics, and go to cons in the area. Just curious. He does Wandering Ones (

egypt22 said...

Morris dancing? Awesome! I've wanted to learn- it looks fun. I've done both contra and rapper and a little clogging, but there aren't enough ppl here to do morris. And with my ankle still in a cast (I'm the one that slipped and broke my ankle in 3 places), I'm not doing ANY dancing.

Jason Janicki said...

That's why I don't put too much info about myself on social sites - they can't convict you with no proof :)

Yeah, my parents did the same thing. I used to have to find a pay phone if I was out and had to call them (collect, generally) :)

This is Redmond. A single white flake in the sky is enough to close schools and the governor is ready to declare a state of emergency. After all the snow we've had this year, I will never live in a place that snows a lot (unless, of course, I'm offered an ungodly amount of money).

I want to say 'yes,' I've met him. I know I've seen the Wandering Ones, so I may have chatted with him a con or two.

Morris dancing has always looked like fun. Plus, you get to play with swords and sticks, which is always cool :)

TX_Val said...

Yeah, I don't put much of anything on the sites. I only have a profile, so old friends can find a way to contact me. (thru email)

I live in Texas, I bet you couldn't guess. We generally don't know what snow is, well In South Texas anyway. If it "frosts" stuff closes here. *chuckle* I've made comment before about it. I like visiting places with snow, but I hate chipping away at the keyhole on my car in the mornings. I couldn't stand to do it every morning before work.

I'm a vacation-snow kind of guy, at best.


Anonymous said...

So the pant-less blogging has been happening for a while...
Oh, and I pull over to make calls too, especially in sketchy weather. I expect it to become a big trend soon as people come to their senses and road shoulders and seldom use backs of parking lot all across America will be packed - sorry, I shed a little tear there. Way to be a trend setter!
Wait, people come to their senses...nevermind, way to be safe though!