Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Epic Visa

Last Sunday, I opened my mailbox and after clearing out the gremlins, noticed an envelope bearing the World of Warcraft logo on it.

“Zounds!” I said to myself, followed quickly by an “Egad!”. “Surely,” I continued, “this must portend something wonderful, for never have I received such a missive!”

Actually, I went “Huh” and walked home (I’m not that articulate in real life). I have to say, though, that I was actually curious. It’s rare that I get anything in the mail that’s remotely thought provoking, though the Frederick’s catalogue that was mistakenly put in my box last month was interesting to say the least.

Needless to say, I opened the WoW envelope first.

It was a credit-card application.

I was being offered a credit card with my choice of WoW pictures on it and a month’s subscription for opening the account.

I had two immediate thoughts: First, how did they know I played WoW? Was this a random mailing? Did I come up in some database?

“Hmmm,” thought the account manager. “Single, late-thirties, male . . . and he works in the computer industry? Quick, get that man a WoW Card application!” Cue dramatic music.

Obviously, they bought my name from somewhere, possibly from www.singlethirtiesmalewhoworksinthecomputerindustry.com (founding member). Don’t click on that link, btb.

NOTE: I know somebody did. Come on, admit it.

However, my second thought was: Really, a month’s subscription? You can do better than that. If the card matched my spending with WoW gold, I’d be interested. An Epic of my choice would also be enticing. I’m not going to leap on your card just because it’s got a Blood Elf Pallie on the front (tempting though that might be).

So here’s the deal, credit card guys: I want matching gold, an epic mount, and a purple weapon for my pallie and we can talk.

And level my jewelcrafting.



Jacob said...

I had to copy paste the link. Couldn't copy it. ;)

TX_Val said...

Sorry I'm late, had to register a new website. *winks*

That's funny, but I hate that crap. I was talking to the kiddo the other day, explaining about SPAM and how when people forward stuff they don't remove the email addresses and so on. I've let her have an email account, but she only checks it with me. (I check it on my phone long before we ever sit down to check it, but anyway). I was also explaining junk mail, in the mail box. that when it says FREE SHIT.. it's usually not (really) free shit.

Darn phone, I lost my point.. Hmm off to find some boo.. OH WAIT..
So, is that like fatherly/daugherly love in their eyes, or is that a little reminiscing about a shag behind the wagon? :)

Jason Janicki said...


Yeah, spam is annoying. It's good that you're teachin' the youngin' about that stuff early.

I'll never tell :)

Sinai_WinterWolf said...

I concur, Jason. Though, I would find it amusing if you didn't get a Mastercard in the mail later, which included all of these things, perhaps even several months of gameplay included--instead of the measly one month. Competition and whatnot.

If only they listened to the consumers, they would be so ric--oh wait, nevermind. :) Still, too bad for them. They'd get all of us Gamer Nerds to buy their credit cards, all for some lvls in Jewelcrafting and a decent purple weapon--not to mention the matching gold part. I don't think I've ever seen that much Gold... And I have a lvl 50 Druid sitting on WoW, just begging for me to go buy some gametime... O.O

Jason Janicki said...

Wait 'till you get to 80. You get 13.5 gold per DAILY. If you do the right ones, you can make a hundred gold in about 30 minutes :)