Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Terrible Ball in the Sky

It has been hot lately in the Pacific Northwest. By hot, I mean small-dogs-exploding-in-the-sun hot. Fans are sold out everywhere. Car windows are rolled down. People are considering getting AC. It is actually uncomfortable walking from your car to the nearest Starbucks (There is one every 50 yards – It is a state law in Washington).

How hot was it, you ask? Slightly over 80 degrees!!!!

Please stop laughing. For us, this is HOT. We are wearing shorts, people, and as a general rule, we do not tan. The glare from the white legs can probably be seen from space.

Now I realize that many of you live in much hotter climes. I spent a few years in Fresno, California. I will forego the typical jokes about Fresno and point out that 110 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 Celsius) was not uncommon in the summer. Everything in Fresno has AC: homes, cars, baby-strollers, walk-in freezers. You have to, otherwise you just die.

Some of you are still laughing. Some of you live in climates where its 110 in the shade in winter. The inside of your refrigerators is probably higher than 80 degrees. Good for you. I will not be visiting any time soon.

Even as I am writing this, the clouds have rolled in. Ah, blessed clouds. The temperature is dropping and soon there will be rain again. Life will return to normal and we will be able to get our triple-mocha-latte-expresso-chinos without actually sweating. Enjoy your hot climates, I like a little rain.



Jen said...

Jason, you could have a hot climate and a lot of rain, too, if you lived down here in coastal Georgia. Was randomly surfing and found your blog. I have a friend who lives in Seattle, and he's been moaning about the heat, too. Cheer up, you could live in Florida ;-)


Jason Janicki said...

Actually, that does cheer me up. At least we don't have mosquitoes the size of footballs :)

Khaiya said...

Where do you live, this sounds exactly like the weather and situation I'm having!

Jason Janicki said...

I'm in Redmond, Washington, which is apparently the Bicycle Capitol of the Northwest (or so the sign says).

Al said...

Currently in Bothell, WA, and enjoying the rain. I actually live down in Oregon, near Salem, but the weather is virtually the same, except we have slightly warmer rain, and slightly hotter summers.

Jason Janicki said...

I've been through Oregon a couple times in the summer. The weather was always nice.

Dustin Reimer said...

Jason, first off love the comic so far you have real talent... two things about this post bug me though, 110 farenheit is not 23 celsius it is 43 celsius, huge difference. Also for someone who lives in the pacific northwest I would think that you would know it is espresso not expresso there is no x. cheers :)

Jason Janicki said...

Honestly, I just guessed at the Celcius/Fahrenheit conversion. I was hoping it would be off enough that humor would result (ie, 23 Celcius was below freezing). My bad, I'll check it next time.

I don't actually drink coffee and have no idea how to spell it :)

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know :)

Garrett said...

Easy way to remember the conversion to Celsius: 0 is freezing, 20 is room temp, and 100 is boiling.
That's actually all I know about the conversion to Celsius, which is enough, because I live in Missouri.

Jason Janicki said...

Hey, that actually makes sense and is easy to remember :)