Friday, June 22, 2007

Evil Mastermind: A Career Choice: Part 1

It has occurred to me that I might want to become an evil mastermind. It seems like a good career move. There is lots of money, cool gadgets, sexy women, and gigantic underground bases (often with lasers). On the downside, people will occasionally try to kill you, but every job has its drawbacks.

So the question becomes, how do you do this? My local Community College does not have any courses in evil, I checked. Not even Evil 1: Intro to Villainy. It does have a course titled Teen Movies of the 80s, which might count as torture, but I digress.

The primary requisite for being an Evil Mastermind seems to be money. This is a major stumbling block, as I can barely afford gum, much less a pit full of rabid, man-eating iguanas. The best I could do would be a bucket of used cat litter. While this is nasty, I do not think it would deter James Bond.

I do not think I could get a loan, as Building an Evil Lair would probably get a laugh out of the bank manager, but very little cash. Maybe I could turn to some sort of web-based enterprise, perhaps a web-comic. Yes, surely that is the road to untold wealth (hey, I can dream).

Up next: the Lair


I-Want-More-Pages said...

I've got an idea, fellow Puget Sounder: Why don't you quit wasting time with this blog and publish more pages of your comic!

We'd love to see it updated on M W F... or even daily! That'd be a treat.

Of course, I realize you're just the writer, and the that heavy lifting is done by the artist.

You've probably got the whole 13 books lined out with 60 percent of the dialogue written, leaving you time to plan World Domination like "The Brain" of Animanics. Instead, why not assist? You could stack paper for Leigh, mix his paints, clean his brushes, sort his paperclips, fetch his coffee...

Visual artists are so much more talented than we writers, it's an honor to sharpen their pencils while they transform our written work into something nearly anyone can enjoy.

Remember: One of theirs is worth a thousand of ours.

Leigh Kellogg said...

Hehe. I love writers. Some of my favorite people are writers, and without Jason there would be no comic, so I don’t think talent or value are at issue here. Although this sounds a bit like a tongue in cheek comment, I’m going to take advantage of it to make a serious response. We’re glad you enjoy the comic enough to want to read more pages faster. This is actually the most common request we get in email and on the forums. This makes us really happy because it means people are enjoying the comic – which is great! Jason is, in fact, well ahead of me with the story, and is working hard on making my life easier by providing character bios, feedback and investing money in the comic. He updates the blog daily to give those readers who are interested a reason to come back to our site each day. He has also bought me lunch on a regular basis which is nice – because artists do need to eat.

Speaking of which, the needing to eat thing is possibly the biggest thing keeping me from producing more pages faster. We have been getting fan donations, and I’d like to thank all those who have made them, but we’re still in need of more. So far every penny we’ve made from donations and advertising has gone back into the comic – either to pay for site maintenance or to help increase our readership through advertising. Since the comic is still new, we aren’t bringing in nearly enough money to support ourselves, or even to support just one of us, so we still need to bring in money through non comic related activities – like working other jobs. The biggest help we could get from anywhere would be in the form of donations from readers. If we get enough donations, I could in fact stop working a second job and produce more pages -faster. :)


Spider said...

I happen to know the secret to having lots and lots of money. But it is rarely ever money that people really want. Their true interests are those things they believe they can acquire with money. Money itself is worthless except as perhaps legal firewood tender. But, if you truly are interested in money itself, you will change the way you spend it, living as cheaply as possible, no matter how much money you have. Taking free ketchup, salt, pepper, silverware, napkins, from fast food restaurants and anything else free you can find. Drink lots of tap water. Grow fruit and vegetables as long as it isn't cheaper to buy them. Ride a bike. Pedal or motorcycle, but stay far away from cars and debt with interest. There are millions of things you can do to make lots of money... so long as it really is money you're interested in. Also, putting your money into an investment like gold bullion is fairly satisfying as well. Its still money, but now its value can increase on its own. Sell the gold when it's value is high, and buy more when its value is low. Have fun...