Friday, June 8, 2007


A small group of people are running through the dark countryside, tripping over roots and blundering into trees in their mad dash. Behind them, zombies slowly and relentlessly pursue, their decaying arms outstretched, their feet shuffling them ever forward.

The zombies catch sight of their prey and one lets off a mournful wail.


The cry is taken up by the rest of the horde.

Brains! Brains! Braaaaaains!

Except for one zombie.

Duodenum! Duoooooodenum!

The rest of the zombies pause, turning to look at their fellow.



The zombies stare at one another. One scratches its head, a gesture remembered from its days among the living.

One zombie seems to hesitate


Another zombie raises its hand, which falls off.


The zombies seem to consider this, swaying slightly, and then begin to move again.

Brains! Duoooodenum! Pancreas! Bronchomediastinal Trunk! Braaaains!


Anonymous said...

Piriformis! Psoaz! (or are you trying to keep it humerus?)

Jason Janicki said...


You win.


Anonymous said...

So why do zombies feel the need to eat brains? Zombies don't need to eat.

Jason Janicki said...

Perhaps its some bit of leftover instinct from when they were alive.

Granted, it could also be just because its gross :)