Monday, August 3, 2009

Building Does Not Fall Down

Ordinarily, it's a good then when buildings don't fall down. However, in the video I found the other day, it wasn't so fortuitous.

Check it out:

I can't imagine what the engineer who did this was thinking at the time. Actually, I would bet it was a variations of 'please stop' and 'please don't hit the other building!' mixed in with 'aaaaaaaaaaaagh!'

Look for a post tomorrow about Australians.



spasticfreakshow said...

love seeing birdface expressing what she really feels. why would she be in danger if iri misses her hidden meaning? wouldn't just iri be in danger? anyway, the story is moving along...yay!

Jason Janicki said...

Well, if the Baron were to find out what she said to Iri, he might read between the lines and realize what Haith is up to. Things would go poorly at that point.

Haith doesn't think he can listen in, but he is a wizard, you never know.

Lurklen said...

Well someone just got fired. Oh and great work with the comic.

TX_Val said...

I know it's old, but I was showing my kiddo the video, which lead us to watch video's of other demolitions gone wrong.

My rambling point is.. .the building held together pretty damn well. It actually rolled over, and seemed to be largely intact. What was left of it anyway. You'd think it might not handle the weight so well when it's on it's side.

*pats his belly* I don't.. I kind of flounder around like a turtle these days*

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks, Lurklen!

Actually, I was impressed by how well the building held up as well.

Let's just hope they don't figure out a way to weaponize those buildings . . . :)