Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wayfarer’s Moon: Behind the Magic: Part 2

I already have a commercial already written, narrated by Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, who’s now the go-to-guy for reality show narration.

Deep in the northwest, two men, nay, two nerds, create a fair-to-middlin’ webcomic. It’s called: Wayfarer’s Moon.

Watch them work!

Shot of Leigh and Jason in a living room
Jason: So, baboon guys?
Leigh: Definitely.

Watch them live!

Shot of Leigh rolling a die, as Jason watches from behind a DM’s screen.
Leigh: A 10! With my bonuses, that makes a 14!
Jason: You miss.
Leigh: Wait! I forgot to add in the +2 from my Hip-Waders of Ultimate Angling! That makes a 16!
Jason: Fine. You hit. Congratulations, the goldfish is dead.
Leigh: Whoooot!
Jason: You do realize it was a regular, ordinary goldfish. In a bowl.
Leigh: Who cares? I loot the corpse!

Watch them go to cons!

Shot of Leigh and Jason at their booth. Leigh is sitting there, sketching. Jason is standing, his arms folded. Jason shifts position. Leigh coughs. Nothing else happens.

Watch them FIGHT!

Leigh: For the last time! Stop putting holes in the walls!
Jason: But there might be ninjas in there!
Leigh: Doing what? Stealing our insulation?
Jason: Maybe.

Join us every Tuesday at 8:00 and see the magic that is . . . Wayfarer’s Moon!
Music swells.

I would totally watch this.



TX_Val said...

I'd watch it if it was on HULU.. .

At least the pilot, then we could post about how ninja's can't be hurt by sheetrock holes or some quantum physics about rolling dice, because apparently everyone that comments on hulu is an expert is martial quantum fighting physics and forensic.

and the such...

Actually this show sounds like it would probably last a few seasons, since all the good stuff gets canceled after 1.

*sticks his tongue out and runs*

Toil3T said...

So that's why it's so cold in here! Damn ninjas!

Maria said...

This show would be great. But you should spice up the Con shots with some costumed ladies.... And I thought the Ninjas came out of the toilet? Or does that just happen on the east coast?

TX_Val said...

The east coast has poo ninja's?
That's just one more reason I'm not moving over there.

Duncan said...

Dude, you seriously need to archive your posts somewhere!!(and this may be unnecessary as you may have actually done this already) I actually made a copy of "Klingon Kindergarten" when I saw the other posts vanish seemingly without a trace. Comedy Gold!!! BTW have thought about doing any East Coast Cons? Some of us over here would love to meet you.


*Tosses a smoke bomb and vanishes*

Duncan said...

Please discard precious post as I just found the archive.

*slaps forehead*

Seriouly, your stuff is great, I think you should write a novel. I know I would buy it, and Piers Anthony can't have all of the geek comedy market. Besides, your stuff is funny, while his is just...punny. I was initially drawn in by the art, stayed for the AWESOME storyline, and laugh myself blue on a regular basis with your blogs. You two are talent personified. I am glad to see a successful non-manga style webcomic for a change (yes I am aware of the other out there, but there are a LOT of manga style webcomics) So, keep up the great work you two, and I will kep voting and telling everyone I know about your uberness.


"gunner" said...

what happened with the voting, we're down to 55.

Toil3T said...

Really? Crap. *votes*
Uh... it looks like it's at #56 now.

Not gonna say a thing about toilet ninjas. Nope, not a thing.

Jason Janicki said...

Ouch! Way to go for the jugular there, TX_Val.

I wish I could figure out what those ninjas wanted with the insulation, Toil3T. It is rather perplexing.

Well, Maria, we thought about that, but didn't want to tarnish out good names with taudry show of flesh. Actually, we couldn't get any booth babes, so yeah.

I haven't heard about toilet ninjas. Guess I'll be rigging some C4 up to the ol' bowl tonight . . .

Thanks, Duncan! Speaking of novels, have you noticed Art the Wanderer? Yeah, we'd love to do an East Coast con. What are the major regional ones? We have Emerald City in Seattle and Wonder World in SF.

Thanks for the heads-up gunner. Guess I better rally the troops!

I'm not saying anything either, Toil3T . . .