Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wayfarer’s Moon: Behind the Magic: Part 1

The other day I noticed there was yet another new fishing reality show on. It’s called Swords: Live the Life or something (possibly: Swords: Damn, They’re Huge or Swords: Fish of Doom or Swords: Our Next Stab At a Profitable Reality Show).

Now, don’t get me wrong: I totally respect the people that go out there and do these amazingly dangerous jobs. My dad was a contractor and I grew up on construction sites and dug a LOT of trenches over the years. I know exactly what hard, manual labor is like. I just don’t think we necessarily need a new reality show about fish.

Then I had a marvelous idea: They should do a reality show about Wayfarer’s Moon! Cameras would follow us around, recording our every move, our every argument, our every passing reference to bodily functions.

It would, I most humbly assert, rock.

Possible titles could include:

Wayfarer’s Moon: Behind the Magic, Such As It Is
Wayfarer’s Moon: What’s That Smell?
Wayfarer’s Moon: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel for Possible Reality Show Hooks
Wayfarer’s Moon: The Clash of Titans! (I particularly like this one)
Wayfarer’s Moon: Bows, Boobs, and Blood
Wayfarer’s Moon: Two Nerds. One Comic. Zero Calories.
Wayfarer’s Moon: Wow, I Have No Idea What the Execs Were Smoking
Wayfarer’s Moon: More Fun Than Dental Torture!

Tomorrow: Part 2


TX_Val said...

Well you slipped to 50 when I voted this time. Hmm maybe I should stop voting, you're going down everytime I vote. *winks*

I'm kind of partial to the Smell and teh 3b's.

vonbek said...

completely off-topic post here... just thought you'd appreciate the linked article i came across this morning...

after all, it's got math and zombies... how can that be bad...


and i am with TX_Val on the 3b's title for the Wayfarer's Moon reality show... 3b's makes life go round and round after all... mmmm...

Jason Janicki said...

Well, that just means you're not voting enough! :)

I loved the article, vonbek. And they laughed when I told them about my Emergency Zombie Kit! Those zombies will never take me unprepared!

Oddly enough, the 3Bs was one of the orginal tag lines I came up with for WM. Though catchy, we decided we wanted something that was a little more 'family-friendly.' I've just been waiting for a chance to use it :)

Kris said...

The zombie article is interesting, though I'm more interested in how you would pronounce Professor Smith?'s name. I know ! is a click, but I have no idea how to say the rest of the punctuations. Maybe the Victor Borge method?

Jason Janicki said...

Robert Smith Question Mark - maybe?

Or Roger Smith, with a rising tone at the end to signifiy a question?

It could be just like Prince's old symbol and not actually have a pronunciation.

I dunno?