Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Am Pleased

Last week, I asked you all to vote for Wayfarer's Moon on Top Web Comics. We were at #82.

One week later, we are now at . . .


This was a jump of 33! Huzzah! Thanks to everyone who voted. You've made a simple writer very happy. However, our work is not yet done. We need to crack the Top 10, so please, vote as many days as you can.

If you happen to be browsing the web, stop by and vote. If you happen to be working on your Mom's computer, please vote. If you happen to be the head of a large military industrial complex, order your workers to vote for us as well. If you happen to be a Super Model with a penchant for simple writers, please, send me your phone number (and vote).

Thanks again and remember: vote!



"gunner" said...

well... the text link worked, i finally got to vote!

Jerron said...

It only lets all the workers vote collectively. Something about being a 'similar' IP address, and the entire complex can only vote once per day.

Sorry- I tried. :P

Jason Janicki said...


And thanks for the try, Jerron. I have a couple friends that work at Microsoft and only one of them can vote as well.

Kind of a pain, but it does prevent cheating.

"gunner" said...

we're down to #50, what happened?
(voted again)