Thursday, August 13, 2009

1st Annual St. Fructus' Day

Unfortunately, the 1st St. Fructus' Day was not quite the hit I imagined it would be. I shouted 'Happy St. Fructus' Day' at several co-workers, but they all appeared more startled and scared than joyous. This may have been do to the fact that I leapt out of a closet at them whilst waving a sword, but I digress.

The good news is that many people in my office are now at least aware of the holiday, though some will always equate it with wetting themselves (see the sword incident above).

I was not given any candy, though I was offered a tortilla chip. I take that as a win.

So, for next year, I'm going to plant the seed at least a week earlier to give people more time to warm up. I've already mocked up a few greeting cards, which I will share next year.

In a slight segue, I've posted the photos from the San Diego Comic Con up on our Facebook page. Actually, I posted them last week, but because I'm not very bright, I completely neglected to tell anyone.

Look for a new installment of Art the Wanderer on Monday!



Kaelamun said...

More traditions:
How about extra bonus points for harming a ninja while dressed as a pirate. That's just adding insult to injury, haha!
Also, Cowboys played today (I'm from Texas, what can I say). So, wearing blue on my jersey! (Something about football season starting up again, maybe?)

Maria said...

I shouted "Happy St. Fructus' Day" to people at the Bellingham Fred Meyer... I think they just assumed I was Canadian. I also threw some candy at a bus full of, I believe singles (again.. it is bellingham), do I get any points for that?

TX_Val said...

Well I had to run some work errands in Houston, TX today, so I was leary about yelling "fructus" out the window, for fear of being shot at. Ninja's are one thing, but downtown Houston is another. I did wish my (x) g/f happy fructus day (she's in the process of moving out) and he just kind of rolled her eyes. My toddler thought it was cool, but I had to stop him from saying it, because... well it doesn't come out much like we discussed, it comes out more like what those people in Houston shouted back at me before they opened fire.

Either way.. Happy Fructus guys.

OH, Has anyone searched up Fructus, it's latin and has a meaning.

can't imagine why i haven't looked it up until it's official day.

TX_Val said...

What is this?

And since we never trust the wiki, I checked, the catholics back it up.

Are you telling me none of us netnerds checked this stuff out before we started declaring an officially made up holiday? Specially one that already exists?

Ironically his brothers name was Valentine, which I find funny since it's a singles holiday.

No wonder people looked at you funny, St. Fructus Festday (according to the catholic page) is Oct. 25th. (a day after my b-day). They think you've lost it and are months in the future.

Oh we've made a mess of things now.

When the pope comes for you, I hope Buddy jesus is on your side.


Gillsing said...

I recalled that the issue did come up, and then I googled for the specific post. As it turns out, the day was moved by the almighty Jason.

Jason Janicki said...

Yes! You definately get extra points for harming a ninjas while dressed as a pirate! You get double bonus points if you said 'Arrrr' whilst doing so.

Obviously, you have to be on honor when reporting these points, otherwise chaos would ensue . . .

Why, yes, Maria! You get points both for shouting in a public area and for throwing candy! If anyone on the bus was a single ninja, you'd get bonus, extra points!

Good going, TX_Val! The more we spread the word, the more people will look at us strangely! Wait, is that right?

Anyway, yes, St. Fructus has his own day. However, I liked his name too much and co-opted it. The Vatican already filed an official complaint, which I ignored, and then they sent ninjas (Vatican ninjas, no less). However, they were beaten up by the group of ninjas already stalking me (way to go Steve!), so they fled back to Italy.

Honestly, we're doing Fructus a favor by making him more popular ;)

TX_Val said...

Gillsing is right.
I'm apparently old and forgetful.
I participated in that conversation, and have completely forgotten. *sigh*
Well I mentioned she's an X now, been lots of real life thing distracting me lately.

I still like that idea of the 3rd or 5th Friday of every October.

Well... I'm embarrassed, and will eat my pizza and muffins quietly in the corner.