Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome to Romania!

Hey all!

It's an important day in Wayfarer's Moon: We have our first foreign translation!

Some time ago, we were contacted by a Romanian group who wanted to start the first Romanian language webcomics portal and wanted to feature Wayfarer's Moon as one of their first titles.

Well, today the site went live. You can now go to to read WM in Romanian.

So, a big hello to all our new fans in Romania!

To celebrate, we have a completely unrelated video featuring a motorized unicycle:

Frankly, I just thought it was cool.



Lurklen said...

Okay I want that.

Jason Janicki said...

Me too. I don't need one, don't have room for one, and can't imagine when I'd ride one, but still, yeah. The 14-year-old in me is jumping up and down.

victor meyer said...

Hi Jason! It's really good to see WM is getting a translated version!

On that point, I'd gladly translate WM to Brazilian Portuguese, as there is a fair amount of brazilians who can't read english but do enjoy a good fantasy history with incredible art. (I know at least a dozen. Ok, two. But once again, I'm not that social either. So yeah.)

If that is something that you guys would like, please e-mail me!

Gillsing said...

An impressive feat of engineering, but I'm afraid I need the excercise too badly to ever use it. I'm thinking that it might be fun to put some sort of cover on the wheel though, so that you could wear a cloak all around the wheel to make it look like you're floating along the ground. Dark magic! (Wouldn't be so cool if said cloak would get stuck under the wheel.)

"gunner" said...

unlike the "segway" this thing looks like it could be bags of fun, particularly if you could speed it up just a bit.

"gunner" said...

jason and leigh,
i think you might consider taking up victor's offer, portugese is spoken in both brazil and portugal, thus giving you an even larger international audience.

Jason Janicki said...

With the right costume, that would ROCK on Halloween, Gillsing!

Hey, Victor! For some reason, I didn't get an alert that you responded to the blog (happens sometimes, don't know why). That would be very cool. Let me talk to Leigh and get the ball rolling.

Thanks for the heads up, gunner!