Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Hell of a Week

It's been a long, long week. I've been so busy that I literally sit down in the morning and don't get up except to eat, go to the bathroom, or chase someone down. No screwing around. No inane conversations. Just a constant stream of things to be done.

I even said a bad word today (it rhymed with 'duck'). There was this thing that I proposed doing that, if I say so myself, was brilliant. Just as it was coming together, reality decided to butt-in and make it completely non-viable. It was then that I said the word I mentioned earlier.

I ended up glaring at my computer for a minute while I thought furiously about how to salvage my wonderous plan. I think I said another bad word (it mostly rhymed with 'fit.').

Nothing came of my glaring and I ended up saying a third word (which rhymed with 'tartar sauce.')

However, I eventually did figure out a solution, so my plan was saved. Now I just need to get through tomorrow and I can have a nice relaxing weekend of killing stuff in WoW.


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