Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fire Bad!: Part 1

I happened to run across a show the other day about ghosts. Specifically, a house in the east was being haunted by the ghosts of Civil War soldiers. The bit I saw wasn’t really specific about which side the ghosts had been on, but apparently they were rather upset about something (possibly about being dead) and created a lot of mischief and generally just creeped everyone out.

The family seemed kind of embarrassed about the whole thing, but they did allow a film crew to camp out in their living room for three days as they tried to get footage.

I can imagine it went something like this:

Director: Quick! What was that!!!?

Father: Ummm, pretty sure that was a squirrel.

Director: Oh. A ghost squirrel?

Father: No, a regular, alive-type squirrel.

Director: Damn. Wait, what’s that noise?

Father: My wife’s hair dryer.

Director: A ghost hair dryer?

Father: Pretty sure, no.

Director: Shoot. Wait! Oh my god! What is that thing!!!?

Father: That’s my daughter.

Director: An undead-

Father: No! How long are you going to be here again?

Director: Until we get some decent footage.

Father: Oh, my bad. Yes, that’s the ghost of my poor, dead daughter.

Daughter: Daddy!

I’ve seen a couple of these shows and inevitably the announcer must make a somber announcement about how ghosts are created. Something like: ‘And when people die by violence or with a strong, negative emotion like anger, they can become ghosts.’

Well, duh.

But that seems to be rather broad criteria. I mean, if I died while watching a Barney video, I’d probably come back pretty pissed off as well.
Tomorrow: Part 2


TX_Val said...

I have to say, I really like the first panel of this comic for some reason. (the one where she's entering the temple/church) Something about the lighting.

I think it came out extremely well. The way the light seems to explode through the door, I almost squint, and the shadows/contrast around the benches just seems to be perfect in my opinion.

Nicely done.

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks! Yeah, I agree. They both did a great job on that.