Monday, June 15, 2009

Olympia Comics Festival: The Revenge

So, Saturday was the Olympia Comics Festival. Leigh and I attended (naturally) and were once again right next to our good friends and con-buddies Beth and Maria from Famine Lands. We had a lovely time chatting about what we were going to be doing at Comic-Con coming up in July.

Olympia was a very nice, small con. There were only about fifteen tables, but attendence was surprisingly high. We talked with a lot of people and as is the case at most small cons, people were much more prone to stopping and chatting for a while.

Special mention needs to go out to our 'wonder-fan' who rode the bus down from Seattle just to see us. However, because Leigh and I are complete idiots, neither one of us can remember her name. Seriously. The poor woman rode public transportation down to see us and we can't recall her name. We are bastards and apologize profusely.

Hopefully, she will show up again at one of the local cons and we can get her name and enshrine it in a special place (or she can email us, hint hint).

On another note, Lukas Ketner, a fellow 2009 Russ Manning award nominee was not there, though his writer was. We had a nice chat and discussed getting Leigh and Lukas together for some sort of 'art fight' to determine who gets the award. We got as far as discussing selling tickets before we realized no one would pay to watch two artists draw angrily at one another.

Anyhow, we wish Lukas the best of luck and congratulations for also being nominated.

Overall, it was a very pleasant day and a very pleasant con. We will definately go back next year.



pixie_bit said...

Really, with the internet and all, you just can't say anything until you've googled it! I ended up looking at this awhile ago because of something to do with Lar's ramblings at Least I Could Do/Looking for Group and your comments today reminded me of it.
People will watch anything - as long as they are paying to do it - see how you had a fault in your logic there!

pixie_bit said...

oops - guess that comment really could have used the link!

Jason Janicki said...

You realize what you've done, don't you? You've just suggested to me that people will pay to watch me do something, anything. Something potentially stupid.

I have to go think about what to do now :)

pixie_bit said...

I look forward to the announcement of your new career.
Perhaps you should have another suggestion list, similar to the vote on what to call a gathering of nerds.
If you do decide to use my suggestion, please be sure to mention my name so I can parlay my moment of semi-fame into some type of talk-show circuit run, potentially launching a mega-career of being famous just for being obnoxiously famous - it is the American Way, after all.

TX_Val said...

Well think about it.. someone is paying you to advertise on your site. (at least I hope they're paying you, or i'm going to stop clicking on the ads.)

I was going to go for a mean joke about getting paid for the drivel on your site, but I'm just not in a mean mode today. I kind of liked the blog about the guy throwing his daughter to the crew to get them out of his house.

Anyway... Yeah, I'm sure you've seen clips of Jackass and steve-o and bam and those guys.. peopel will pay for some really lame stuff.

I've seen web comics that have subscriptions for webisodes they're making for their comic. WHile I enjoy some of their stuff during my down time at work, it's not something I like enough to pay for.

I'm not trying to be an ass, i try to remember to click on ads on peoples pages, to get them more click stats, and help them earn advertising revenue.

Well now work has gotten in the way and I might have gotten slightly off topic..

MOO baby... MOO

WAIT.. last minute jab.. .

I already said I was willing to pay for your book if you got it into print form...
SEE people will pay for all kinds of trash.. .