Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nerds Unite!: Part 3

Now, before we get to the all-important task at hand, I would like to announce that we now have an RSS feed! Rejoice!

I actually have no idea what that is, but Leigh said it was good so I agreed.

And now, on with the Naming of the Nerds!

Yesterday, I promised that we would get to your suggestions, so here we are, in no particular order (apologies if names are misspelled).

Chris had several suggestions:
a conclave of nerds
a nerd alliance
a nerd array
a league of nerds

I rather like the ‘conclave’ of nerds. It makes us sound important.

Gillsing suggested ‘nerd-herd,’ which is catchy and rhyme-y.

Alexander Lex V. also had a number of suggestions:
a guild of nerds
a clan of nerds
a circuit of nerds
that bunch of virgins

I do like ‘a circuit of nerds’ though ‘that bunch of virgins’ is apt (though hard to say).

pixie_bit suggested ‘con’ in some fashion. This has advantages as it can be more specific as in a ‘Trek-Con of nerds’ or a ‘Gate-Con of nerds.’

An anonymous commenter suggested ‘Hash’ whilst another suggest ‘pod.’ I rather like Hash, though ‘pod’ is good as well (though it is already in use for whales).

And vonbek suggested a ‘googleplex.’ According to Wikipedia, a Googleplex is ‘a play on words, being a blend of Google and complex, and a reference to googolplex, the name given to the large number 10googol.’ A truly nerd-like word if I’ve ever heard one.

Well, what do you all think? Which of the terms of the last three days do you think best represents nerddom? I’ll post the winner later on and then we can see about getting it added to Wikipedia.



Rowadanr said...

I don't know what an RSS feed is either...

On a more on-topic note, I like Googleplex, as it reminds me of XKCD, one of the truest representatives of nerds everywhere...

pixie_bit said...

I vote conclave, it has the use of con, it has a level of prestige, it isn't really in use by animals or anything, although is does evokes wizards and similar beings! Perfect!
Circuit would be my second choice.

elizaw said...

I'm still going with con. It has such a good ring to it, and it spans so many nerd-genres.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that no one suggested this, but it has to be said.

A box of nerds.

A class of nerds, or a study of nerds might also be appropriate.

Rehanni said...

I rather like 'conclave' and 'array.' However, 'study' has it's merits.

Ehm said...

a con of nerds works I think. I mean, don't all nerds go to cons? It's a gathering right and aren't we talking about a gathering of nerds? A Con of Nerds. Then you can even go further and do a Blizzcon of Nerds or a Comicon of Nerds. But a general mix of nerds could simply be a Con of Nerds. And lets face it, if we specify what kind of Con the gathered group are, we can better study their social interactions.

Do a Blizzcon of Nerds have higher social abilities than a StarTrekcon?

What are the mating rituals of the average Comicon?

How many individual nerds are members of different Cons? And do they have the ability to understand each other's lingo?

Does a Con of Nerds use a set lingo or do they bring in special lingo from the different Cons of which they are a part?

I am sure there is a federal grant just waiting to be written for such a study.

But only if they are named a Con of Nerds.

Anonymous said...

The official word for a grouping of nerds, depending upon your country of origin and historical time-frame, are:

troop, or

Anonymous said...

HOw about shortening googleplex to 'plex?

"A plex of nerds descended on the comic store, arguing the respective merits of DC and marvel"

"...he rounded the corner to find his way blocked by a shuddering plex of mouthbreathing nerds..."

Anonymous said...

"She flicked open her zippo to light the soaked rag. The flames rushed up to dance around the neck, and she hurled the bottle into the centre of the advancing plex of nerds"

Anonymous said...

Definitely an "Array of Nerds".

walker said...

DEFINITELY a conclave of nerds!

Gillsing said...

Conclave sounds good to me too. Reminds me of Fallout 2.

Gillsing said...

...though as I just stumbled upon the word "enclave" I suddenly remembered that's what the badguys in Fallout 2 were called. Oh well, conclave is still good.

Jason Janicki said...

'plex' is perfectly good as a diminutive of 'plex.

All votes have been tallied from this thread :)