Thursday, August 7, 2008

The 1st Nerd Games: Part 2

Before we get on with the blog, we have a very important announcement!

We will be appearing at the Dragonflight Gaming Convention in Bellevue, Washington, Friday through Sunday!

Leigh will be there on Friday and the pair of us will be there Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, for a modest fee, Leigh will be doing character sketches and I will be once again offering free sentences (I may charge for paragraphs). As always, we will be selling autographed copies of Wayfarer's Moon 1-3.

So, come on down and say 'hi!'

And now, back to the Nerd Olympics!

Frag and Flame
Many nerds are proficient at First Person Shooters. Many are also proficient at flaming noobs on the internet. Only a select few can do both at the same time. Athletes will have two computers, set-up in the configuration of their choosing. They must not only play a Team Fortress 2 match, but also flame a message board at the same time. Bonus points will be awarded for both killing sprees and driving everyone else out of the forum.

WoW Marathon
In this exciting team event, 5-man groups will raid a predetermined list of dungeons over and over and over. The last group still awake wins. Points will be deducted for wipes. Caffeinated drinks will not be allowed and players will be rigorously checked for doping, including sugar, hoodia, and whatever the hell they make Twinkies out of.

Talking to Girls
In this hotly anticipated event, nerds must do the unthinkable: talk to a girl and procure her phone number. A panel of judges will rate each athlete’s attempt, removing points for mouth breathing, sweating, pop-culture references (including superheroes, comics, anything with ‘Star’ in the title, anything in space or with swords, or anything to do with Japan), and inappropriate giggling.


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