Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nerds Unite!: Part 2

And now, more terms!

An Acronym of Nerds
We nerds do love our acronyms. I was watching ST:NG the other day, when I realized I was late for my BRD run in WoW. The XP was great, but I totally LOL’d when the tank went AFK accidentally and died.

A Deathmatch of Nerds
Another popular pastime among we nerds is the FPS Deathmatch, where we use our brilliantly honed reflexes and ability to sit nigh-motionless for hours on end to blow each other’s avatars into very small chunks.
A QWERTY of Nerds
While nerds have existed for hundreds of thousands of years and computers are only a relatively recent invention, the two have become inextricably linked in the mass consciousness. Therefore, it seems appropriate to smoosh them even further together by naming a group of nerds after the standard keyboard setup.

A Dew of Nerds
I have a small confession: I don’t actually like Mountain Dew. However, with its high caffeine content, it seems to be the drink of choice among nerds. If there was one soda to represent all of nerdom, it should probably be the Dew.

A Federation of Nerds
Star Trek is probably the single greatest icon of nerds in the world and rightly so. Few subjects are as debated among nerds and ignored by others as Star Trek. Whether you’re a Trekkie, a Trekker, a Picard man or a Kirk supporter, you’ve probably spent more time arguing with other nerds about Star Trek than anything else. As such, it would seem only proper to include Star Trek in the formal classification of nerds.

I’ve already received some great ideas, so keep sending them in and I’ll list yours on Friday!

Tomorrow: Your Ideas!


Chris said...

to keep in the star trek theme:
a nerd collective

other than that what about:
a conclave of nerds
a nerd alliance
a nerd array
a league of nerds

Gillsing said...

My first thought was "herd", because it rhymes. A stampeding nerd-herd. Sounds like something a non-nerd would've already come up with.

Rehanni said...

Being a geek rather than a nerd, I'm not really qualified to add to the list. However, consider this; naming a group of nerds is all well and good, but what about geeks, the linguistically inclined and fantasy-loving cousins of the nerds? The two may often be confused, but I think they should have their own titles. Having said that, I propose a Moot of Geeks. (Coming, of course, from the Tolkien word Entmoot.)

Alexander "Lex" V. said...

What about a Weyr of Geeks, then?

For the Nerds...

a guild of nerds
a clan of nerds
a circuit of nerds
that bunch of virgins

By the way, I thought it was the other way around, with geeks being the technologically inclined ones, and nerds being the ones with no real marketable skills...

Jason Janicki said...

All fine suggestions!

An interesting point, Rehanni! Mayhap I will broach that topic at a later date!

Jason Janicki said...

Actually, Rehanni had a good suggestion, whilst the topic was Alexander's. My mistake!

Rehanni said...

Hmm, I've always proudly considered myself a geek, whilst having no mathematical inclinations. Perhaps it's just a matter of opinion? I rather like a Weyr of Geeks. A reference to Anne McCaffery, yes? :)

Jason Janicki said...

I do like 'Way' as well.

Sort of, the Dao of Nerds.