Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reality Politics: Part 2

Here’s my idea. We find a log cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We mike and camera everything in a ten-mile radius around it, including the outdoor toilet.

The cabin will be simple, with no electricity or running water, but it will be stocked with a week’s worth of food and the tools and supplies necessary to survive and provide food.

We take the two candidates and dump them there for three months.

Then, as a nation, we watch them.

The first week, maybe, they’ll be able to keep ‘on message’ so to speak, but once the food starts to run out and they have to start fending for themselves, we’ll get to see the REAL candidates.

We’ll see who whines and pouts, who shirks work or doesn’t do their fair share. We’ll see who isn’t afraid to kill spiders or go out and get dinner. We’ll see which one of them can really lead and which one can’t take it.

At the end of the three months, they get to come out and one week later, we hold an open forum so they can answer questions about what they did and why. Then, we vote.

Like my dad used to say: ‘You don’t know a man ‘till you’ve seen him get in a bar fight in- Dammit! Fire stays outside the house!’

Dad didn’t get to finish saying very often.



mrbene said...

Aren't there more than 2 candidates? I mean, if you're going to overhaul the system, might as well get rid of the silly "only two viable parties" prejudice that exists and include at least the top 5 (add Libertarian, Constitution, and Green), if not the top 10, based on the results of either the previous election or some mid-term poll.

Jason Janicki said...

Good point! We should just take all the candidates and throw them all in. We might be surprised at results!

Twiggle said...

Then maybe give viewers the chance to vote people out of the cabin... into another cabin? Halfway through the season, split the gang into two teams. Take them into separate rooms and tell both teams that viewers have voted to send their half of the group to "Loser's Lodge." Each team goes to a separate place where they get to spend two weeks thinking they've lost the race, and that the other half of the group is still competing to win the contest.

You'll get to see just how well everyone can take a big loss.

Then at the end of two weeks... tell everyone there's been a vote recount!

Jason Janicki said...

I like it! See what happens when they have to deal with crushing disappointment!