Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pooping With My Cat

Yes, that is the title of this blog. ‘Pooping With My Cat.’ I almost went with ‘A Major Milestone,’ but that didn’t really convey what I needed. ‘Pooping With My Cat’ is not only descriptive, it’s slightly weird, which is perfect.

So, a bit of backstory: my cat’s litter box is in the bathroom. It has always been in the bathroom, in each of the five places we’ve lived. She has never, ever used her box when I was in the bathroom using mine (relatively speaking).

She would, in fact, dart out if I even came into the bathroom while she was ‘engaged’ so to speak. I accepted this and went about with my life. However, this last weekend, I was sitting on the pot going about my business when my cat walked in.

NOTE: I live alone and don’t close the door when I use the bathroom. This is so clowns can’t sneak up and leap at me when I open the door. I keep an axe handle by the shower for just such an occasion, btb.

She glanced at me and then proceeded into her box and began using it. I sat there, looking at her. She stood there, looking at me. She finished up and calmly walked out, presumably to go stare at the wall some more.

I’ve had my cat for fifteen years, this was the first time she has ever done this. More to the point, she continued to do it. I’m not bothered by this or anything, I just thought it was an interesting change in behavior. We’re almost like an old married couple: all the mystery is gone and we no longer have any pretenses.

In fact, my cat has become very nonchalant about this, which became a problem. You see, last night, as I was on the pot, my cat wandered in and did her business. She finished up and then looked at me. She then decided that since I was sitting down, that would be the perfect time to get some attention, so she jumped into my lap.

And mostly missed. Claws were deployed to prevent a fall. I screamed (in a manly sort of way), which startled her, so she did that ‘scramble to gain purchase and leap’ thing, which made me scream some more.

Needless to say, there was blood.

So now, I’m slightly paranoid about my cat doing that again. She hasn’t shared the bathroom again, so I might have scared her. I kind of hope so, as I would like my thighs to remain ‘intact’ more or less.



Felipe said...

Amazing tale! I see now that I have been very lucky.

My cat's litter box is one of the closed types, so there's no staring contest.

My cat also seems to have some kind of "As Good As It Gets" dysfunction as he will want attention, voice his complaint, but will only pursuit his quest for a warm lap if said lap is covered by newspaper or a plastic bag.

On a side note, congrats for your comic! I'm seriously considering to answer your call for votes, so be ready to reach position #-273 soon.

Jason Janicki said...

Yeah, all cats have their little quirks. I'm pretty happy with my kitty, all things considered :)

Cool! And thanks for the compliment (and vote) :)

Heather said...

I'm a little late to this party, but I'm never allowed to use the bathroom alone. I have three cats and one of them is insistent on getting her lovin' while I'm trying to do my business. She will climb into my lap, up over my shoulder, onto the back of the toilet, chew on my hair, and then cross to the sink and demand scritchings. Insane little furball, she is. My estimation is that if she has become comfortable enough to share the bathroom with you, then this scenario will probably repeat eventually. You just need to learn how to catch when they ambush you on the pot. ;) There is some timing involved, so good luck.

Jason Janicki said...

Cats seem to have some need to make you work to give them affection. Standing just outside arms reach, curling up behind your head where it's awkward to scratch their heads . . . I dunno, it's like they're testing us.

I have actually starting keeping a towel near the pot, so I can throw it on my lap in case she gets affectionate again. My college degree at work :)