Sunday, January 18, 2009


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has been voting for us. We have climbed 10 places on both lists, so we're currently at 26 on Buzz Comics and 56 on Top Web. Thanks guys!

Secondly, please keep voting! The more votes, the higher we get and the more visible our comic gets! So if you haven't been voting, at least click on the Buzz Comics link. It'll take you to a new page and you just have press the big 'VOTE' button at the top. That's it.

So when you come to page to either catch up on the latest page or read one of the blogs, just click on the Buzz Comics vote button when you're done. It's easy, fast, and it cures nasal warts.

NOTE: I have not had nasal warts since I began voting for the comic. Therefore, I must assume that voting somehow prevents/cures them. Granted, there are thousands of conditions I don't have or haven't gotten, but I'm pretty sure about the nasal warts thing.

Tune in on Tuesday for a new page and the rest of the week for the usual blogging goodness.

And vote! Pretty please!



"gunner" said...

went to vote at the upper vote button and got a "this account has been suspended" at 0615hrs, 20 january. the lower button, "webcomics" worked with no problem.

Gillsing said...

That sometimes happens to buzzComix - I guess they don't pay their host as much as they should in order to get continuous service. It usually clears up in a day or two. Or... three?