Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top 10-ish: Part 3

#3 Sinead O’Connor’s Silent Night
I have no idea when this was recorded, but I first heard it after being (more or less) forced to watch Fred Claus at my brother’s house. I’m not a huge Sinead O’Connor fan, but this is pretty much the most amazing version of Silent Night I have ever heard.

#2 The Wrath of the Lich King
In the words of that guy from the gangster movie: ‘They keep pullin’ me back!’ WotLK is an excellent expansion to the Warcraft universe. They learned a few things after the Burning Crusade and made a really, really, destroy-my-life fun expansion. It's so much fun, that I've actually started doing Daily's (dailies?) with my 80 Hunter, and this is from someone who refused to do them in BC and refuses to grind faction in any way.

#1 Our Fans (awwwww)
No, seriously. I’m not just sucking up because you read this far. Wayfarer’s Moon would be nothing without you all. Well, we would be something, but it would be ‘not much.’ You guys read the comic and the blogs, vote for us (I hope) and some of you even post on our forums (which are filled with intelligent and good-looking people, I should add). A few brave souls have even met us at cons (again, we apologize for the hygiene 'difficulties').

Thanks to you, our fans, for making Wayfarer’s Moon what it is today.



Captain Hesperus said...

"some of you even post on our forums (which are filled with intelligent and good-looking people, I should add)."
Don't worry, Jason, the ninjas are firmly entrenched in the forums right now, so you can tell the truth about us forum-users being violence-crazy, gun-toting lunatics that you only feel safe communicating with by means of a secure broadband connection with IP suppressing software.... :D

Jason Janicki said...

Well, I was going to say that 'which are filled with a couple of intelligent etc.' However, I knew that some of you would stay awake nights, wondering if I was referring to you in particular. I'm not sure I could take the guilt.

With great power, comes great responsibility - so, so true.