Monday, January 26, 2009


Hey all!

It's another Tuesday, so that means two things: a new page and toe-nail fungus prevention night! Err . . . a new page and a video link!

NOTE: Just be glad it wasn't Wednesday.

As a change of pace tonight, I'm pleased to put up a link to Shon C. Bury's Nox! We've been talking to Shon for a while now and he's a very cool guy, so we thought we would give him some props and put a link to his excellent comic. So check it out!

Also, I have a trailer for a very strange movie coming out in March: Big Man Japan. A mere description does not do it justice, so see for yourselves:

Part of me really, really wants to see this. Part of me is horrified. Part of me wants an ice-cream cone. A very, very small part of me wants to shoot a nerf gun at a cardboard cut-out of three doves with machetes.

Well, I did say a very, very small part.



Lurklen said...

Okay that looks strangely awesome Imma gonna hafta see that one.

trejo said...

Oh, Japan.

Jason Janicki said...

I know. It could be awesomely bad, it could be awesomely good. One never knows!