Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top 10-ish: Part 1

Well, it’s 2009 and one of the most cherished of the New Year traditions is appearing all over the place: The Top Ten List.

These lists are generally very genre specific, with Top Ten Video Games, Top Ten Albums, Top Ten Walrus Stabbings, Top Ten Things I Found In My Shoe (hint: only nine of them are toes), and that perennial favorite: The Top Ten Top Ten Lists.

So, in an effort to be topical and not at all out of laziness, I have decided to do my own Top Ten List of 2008. Well, actually, it’s going to be ten-ish, as I’m not terribly bright.

And thus, without further ado, here’s Part 1 of my Top Ten-ish List of 2008!

#9 Iron Man
Robert Downey Junior rocked as playboy and fledgling alcoholic Tony Stark. He was perfectly cast and created an engaging and believable character. He even managed to create a charming relationship with a robotic fire-extinguisher, something even Sir Laurence Olivier never pulled off (though I doubt he ever tried).

#8 Left 4 Dead
Zombies! Lots of zombies! Valve pulled off not only an amazing co-op game, but created a truly creepy atmosphere and gave you the experience of being in your favorite zombie movie. My only gripe: No shopping mall level.

#7 My Mom
My mom is great. She has, since I was 12, given me a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar for Christmas. I have never, ever wondered what day it was. Unless, of course, I wasn’t in my bedroom, in which case I was completely clueless. Granted, she may stop, seeing as how I only put her at #7. Love you, Mom! :)


spasticfreakshow said...

wayfarer's moon - on my top ten list for favorite fantasy comics - definitely. i wish there were a full 10 to round it out...but i am seeing wayfarer's moon listed in more and more comic links lists, so others are realizing it too.

Jason Janicki said...

Cool - Thanks!

We appreciate all the kind words you (and all our fans) send our way!

J. Alexander Van Belkum said...

An entry from my own Top Ten-ish List.

#-37 e/[pi]

Getting eaten/bitten by zombies.