Wednesday, November 7, 2007

XP is XP

I have learned many things from playing WoW. I have learned that having two skinners in the same instance group is bad. I have learned that a Rogue with enough Flash Powder can survive most any wipe. I have also learned that the Armorsmith sub-profession is really not worth it.

However, the greatest lesson I have learned is about tolerance and understanding.

Take Zangermarsh. There is a whole clan of Ogres that lives next door to a community of Naga. You would think that they would fight incessantly, but no, they live together in peace and harmony.

The Ogres farm their giant mushrooms. The Naga do whatever it is they do. And they manage to do it without fighting, without as much as a harsh word across the mud. They even have a mutual defense treaty, as the Ogres will come to the aid of the Naga and vice-versa.

Truly, an example for us all, for if Naga and Ogre-kind can get along, why cant we?

But then again, it has not stopped me from killing them by the score and taking their stuff. XP is XP, after all.



Patricia said...

I must agree in some re-guard, but then you reach Nagrand, and you find a half Ogre of 1 clan using you to make war between another clan and the Orcs. You do it of course, because like you said, XP is XP, but you always wonder what World War you may have started. Then you remember the name of the game and grin maliciously XD

~Trich - Longtime reader of comic and blog, as well as longterm WoW junkie

Jason Janicki said...

True, it isn't exactly called World of Morals.

I do dream of a game someday where you can say 'no, you're a psychopath' and refuse to do a quest (but still get the XP).

Thanks for the comment :)