Friday, November 2, 2007

Caption Contest Winner

So, after a savage brawl with much blood, spilled coffee and tearing of black t-shirts, Leigh and I have hashed out the winner.

Actually, we just IM'd each other (but we typed violently).

There were a lot of great entries, but after much debate, we narrowed it down to the three we liked best.

So without any more ado, here were the top three:

Third Place: Frumple
Iri: "Maybe you should just say 'Treat' at the next door."

Second Place: zog
Iri(whispered) "Can we walk a little slower, my longbow is chafing ..."
Lily "Your longbow ...? Where ..."
Iri(growled) "Do NOT ...ask."

And First Place: Rachel
"There's GOT to be a better way of getting chocolate."

So congratulations to Rachel, for winning our first (mayhap annual) Halloween Caption Contest.

Please shoot us an email (or post your answer in the forum caption thread) letting us know what size desktop you prefer.

Congrats again,
-Jason and Leigh

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