Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Problem with Thanksgiving: Part 2

Quick! Name a Thanksgiving-themed song? Did you think of even one? Nope? Well, don’t worry about it, I couldn’t think of one either. I even googled ‘thanksgiving music’ and all I got was an Adam Sandler song. I’m not sure that counts.

Now try and think of a Halloween song! I immediately thought of the Monster Mash (he did the mash!), a song I've loved since I was big enough to memorize the words and sing it endlessly until my parents told me to stop or they’d send back to the zoo they got me from. I’m partially kidding (the orangutans used to wave at me).

Christmas, as you all well know, is the musical equivalent of a baseball bat. I appreciate Silent Night the first couple of times I hear it. I begin to loathe it by about December 2nd and truly start to hate it by about the 5th. By the 25th, I have heard the song roughly 11,378 times, a number I completely made up.

Let’s face it, there are enough versions of Silent Night floating around that you could probably 24-hours a day without repeating a performer. I will not even mention the 53-million other Christmas songs, though I just did.

We can all sing Silent Night. We can fake the Monster Mash. There isn’t even anything to hum for Thanksgiving. Of course, we could always rewrite the Monster Mash to have a Thanksgiving theme.

He wore a hat! It was a Pilgrim hat! He wore a hat! It was tall and flat! Etc.

Sorry, I’ll stop now.

Tomorrow: Pilgrims vs. Psychopaths – Who Would Win? (hint: the guy with the machete)


Ariel said...

Oh, it's ok you don't remember a Thanksgiving song- I don't even /know/ a Halloween song!
Umm... wait a moment... let me check my papers... oh here's the reason! I don't even celebrate either of the two (I do recognize Xmas music though, as you said you hear it too much).
On the other hand, I'm pretty sure you don't know even one Jew holiday's song so we are fine ^^.
the most important thing about holidays though- every reason for a party is a good party! One month till Hanukkah(1 and 4 days for Xmas)

JessiLee said...

Hey, I've been following the omic for a couple months now, and I just wanted to give you a thumbs up on the new layout. I love it, It's much more user friendly.

As far as holiday songs go, I think I heard a new record this year. I heard my first Christmas song in a store this year on Halloween Day!

Amariah said...

"Simple Gifts" look it up. Not exactly "Thanksgiving Themed" but darn close and good music.

Jason Janicki said...

You're right, Ariel, I don't know any Jewish holiday songs. What would you recommend?

Thanks, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the new layout. Yeah, give it a couple years, we'll be hearing Silent Night in August.

I have never heard of 'Simple Gifts.' I looked it up on Youtube and found a couple good performances. Nice, very pleasant.

Ariel said...

Jew holiday song... the only ones I know are in Hebrew. Two songs for Hanukkah are "Kad Katan"(Translation: Small Jar) and "Hanukkah". If you give me your email, I think I might be able to get them and send you (no promises though).

Anonymous said...

I can think of one...sorta. it's musical standup comedy actually, but it's called Alice's Restaraunt.

Jason Janicki said...

You can reach me directly at

Its been years since I heard Alice's Restaurant. I'll have give it a listen again. Thanks :)