Friday, August 17, 2007

Who Clicks on These?

Like everyone else with a computer and an internet connection, I get more than my fair share of spam featuring porn, Viagra, and the occasional piece that is completely incomprehensible.

Now, I imagine that sending this stuff out must be dirt cheap and that they only get one hit/sale for every million-ish emails sent. The question is then, who actually clicks on this stuff?

Think about it. Who buys discount male enhancement drugs? If I ever need to purchase such a product, I am not going to click on a random web link. If my happy parts are involved, I want a prescription drug, prescribed by an actual doctor. In fact, I want a whole surgical team at the ready, along with at least three specialists, a helicopter, 50k in small, unmarked bills, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, just in case.

Here is the actual text of an email I received the other day:

gladly Hellman probative customizable
lightens evident aligns classed propagating ascending rungs superfluity insisted outfit Luftwaffe enders role

I have no clue what they are selling, but apparently it involves the German air force (Luftwaffe).

So, who would read that and think Wow, a bunch of random words and a link! That spells quality in my book! Not only that, somebody is clicking on the link, someone is actually purchasing the product! Why?

It boggles the mind.



Spider said...

The gibberish is there to help the email get past spam detection.

And, yes, there are people with far less self esteem than yourself who feel inadequate enough and desperate enough to actually do something like that. I, myself, have had my ego stroked far too many times to give any such advertisement a second look of course. ;) I have often wondered myself who actually clicks on some of the stuff I see advertised, and have actually seen people who don't realize what some sites can do to your computer actually entertain themselves by visiting them.

die Amerikanerin said...
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die Amerikanerin said...

As amazing and unfathomable as it may seem, stupid people do exist.

Supermax said...

Sometimes I (Austrian, i.e. we speak some sort of German ;) ) get automatically translated SPAM mails - which literally have me on the floor laughing. Everyone who has ever run a text through Babelfish will know what I'm talking about :D

Jason Janicki said...

Sadly, it is true. Stupid people do exist.

Ah, that would explain it, Spider. They are clever, these spammers.

Babelfish is just FUN. Find text in foreign language. Translate it. Hours of amusement.

Thanks for the comments :)