Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Weather

I am officially done with snow.

For about two weeks during Christmas, we had several feet of snow. I was fun at first, not unlike going to a freezing, dangerous amusement park where the rides would suddenly careen out of control and kill you (but in a good way). I took a couple of walks, leveled my Pally, and generally enjoyed the crisp white blanked of frozen death that glittered outside my window.

It was at least different, and I got a free day off from work, so ‘yay,’ as they say in the vernacular.

It has, however, snowed again. Not as much as the first time, but enough to close a few schools and put a nice layer of ice across my apartment complex. It sucked and I’m tired of it.

I can deal with rain. I can deal with lots of rain. I can even deal with the fact that in Washington, where it rains all the time, few people actually know how to drive in it.

NOTE: It’s weird. Washington drivers in most regards are extremely patient, polite people, but put an inch or so of rain down and suddenly they’re either moving at a crawl or driving like maniacs.

Snow, however you slice it, just sucks. I’m sure someone is reading this and mentally preparing a rebuttal about how snow is nature’s wonderful, edible dandruff, but I must stand firm in my distaste.

Hopefully, we will have a nice long, warm summer. Granted, I’ll then just complain about the heat, but there you go.



Ambience 357 said...

Isn't it funny how anyone driving slower than you is "moving at a crawl" and anyone driving faster than you is a "maniac"? :)

TX_Val said...

Yeah, some comedian use to say the same thing about people driving different then you; however, he was a bit more graphic about them.

I live in Texas, Big surprise, not to far from Houston, so people around here are anything but patient, and nice when driving. Out in the woods where I live, they're usually pretty decent, but get near 'civilization' and they're not. When it rains they get stupid, IF it ices or snows, they forget how to drive completely.

We get an inch of snow, and there's a coating of ice on the windshield in the morning, businesses close and schools shut down, it's kind of silly.

The way people drive around here, it's probably smart to tell most of them to stay home. I actually love those days, there's no traffic, and the few of us that go out either have half a brain, or are stuck in a ditch somewhere.

Jason Janicki said...

Actually, I tend to drive the speed limit. I honestly hate to rush and if I'm at the speed limit, I'm in no danger of getting a ticket. So yes, if someone is driving slower than me, then 'they're moving at a crawl' :)

Yeah, I grew up in the country. You learn to be careful when it's a long walk home or to a neighbor's :)

JD224 said...

I agree that I am over the weather. I was a victim of the ice, slipping and break my ankle in 3 places. After 2 surgery procedures and 3 weeks on the couch, I am not looking forward to getting back out into the nastiness of Chicago to go to class and physical therapy. I'm ready for spring, damnit!

Jason Janicki said...

OUCH! Dude, move to Hawaii, you deserve it! And get a job that requires you to be on the beach a lot! Writer's orders!