Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Sometimes, when I’m hammered (busy, not drunk) at work or just generally down, I’ll think about one of my favorite things and feel much better. That thing? I haven’t seen a political ad in almost three months! Oh, I’m all for the democratic process and all that, but the political ads were driving me nuts. They even had ads during cartoons, which seemed pointless and hopeful at the same time:

“Hey kids! When you’re old enough to vote, remember John Johnston! And now, back to a mouse hitting a cat with a brick!”

However, a new, even more sinister string of ads has cropped up, almost making me wish for the glory days of ’08: The Franklin Mint Obama Coin ads.

It seems like there are a million of these and they play them constantly. Granted, they may only play them during shows I like, which might mean something, but I digress.

Apparently, the Franklin Mint has put Obama’s image on anything that doesn’t move (or doesn’t move quite fast enough). He’s on the quarter and half-dollar, possibly the fifty-cent piece, and the dime (though it’s so small, it’s just his nose and right eye). There are whole sets of coins featuring Obama on various denominations, as well as stamps, envelopes, seals (both the animal and the stamp), gift totes, wine bottles, and shaved Chihuahuas.

NOTE: Some of the preceding examples were made up. I’m not telling you which.

The scary part is that somebody has to be buying these things. The amount of commercials they’re playing has to cost a pretty penny, so they have to be moving a lot of Commemorative Obama Presidential Salad Tongs to pay for them.

Granted, if they had a Commemorative Presidential Battle Axe, I would totally get one.


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