Monday, February 23, 2009

Klingon Nightschool

This was sent to my by my good friend Beth, who is our resident queen of sci-fi.

It's apparently been around for a while, but still quite funny.

Frankly, the teacher should have beaten up the student that was cheating. That's what a real Klingon would have done!



Kammorremae said...

Wolf Gunnison said...

That is exceedingly humorous.

Despite its age, I haven't seen it.
And I shall now annoy my friends by all sending them a link to it.

*goes off to do just that*

Jason Janicki said...

That was good! Though it didn't have any shots of Denise Crosby acting badly.

Hooray! My mission to annoy large groups of people is a success! And Mom never said I would amount to anything!

Astrus said...

Allow me to drop you a link to Arturo Got The Shaft's "Blame It On The Beer" I figure you might find it amusing.

Jason Janicki said...

Cool - thanks!