Thursday, February 19, 2009


So, while in the bathroom today, I had the greatest idea ever. Granted, it was not necessary for me to inform of where I was when I had the idea, but I was being honest. I could have lied and said ‘while saving a busload of orphans from an anaconda, I had the greatest idea ever.’ True, you probably wouldn’t have believed me. You probably would have if I’d started it with ‘just after being shot down by the hot teller at the supermarket etc.’ That just means I tell you people too much, though.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The greatest idea ever. Here it is: create a business that is both a mortuary and an accounting firm. Not impressed? Here’s the kicker, call it ‘Death and Taxes.’

Ah, the sound of eyes rolling. The even better part? The slogan: ‘The two things you can’t avoid – in one!’

This is just too perfect for words. Some people may say starting a business on a pun might not be wise, but when have I ever let common sense hold me back?

Yes, it was a long day at work.



"gunner" said...

"death and taxes"... a friend of mine some years ago came up with the idea of a combined tavern, brothel and mortuary, one stop to get stewed, screwed and, finally, pickled.

Jason Janicki said...

I like it! Though it would also work for a combined restaurant/car dealership/tavern.