Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Water - No, Really

This video made its way 'round work the other day and I thought it was extremely cool. It's of a very hi-tech fountain in a Japanese mall.

It's not completely obvious what's happening initially, but give it a minute, it gets very, very cool.



spasticfreakshow said...

first off, yeah the water thing is so insanely cool it must be fake. how can they do that? no way. naturally the japanese would figure out a way to make water perform a ballet.

second, ok, i was frustrated waiting waiting waiting for this page, and i know you went away and have a right and what not but still. and it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT! awesome awesomeness of powerful women cat fight over the power of the earth itself - if one of them exploded i wouldn't be surprised. you are forgiven and permitted to take a vacation whenever you want if you come back like this.

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks :) I admit I'm occasionally surprised at how good the pages come out. I letter using the pencils as a guide, so I don't see the colors until I actually look at the site Tuesday morning.

'Oooh, purple!' is a direct quote :)

Now we'll have to have a character explode from sheer awesomeness :)

Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

At the NAIAS in Detroit several years ago they had one of these at the Jeep exhibit. It's real and the technology isn't cutting-edge new, but it IS cool every time you see one.

That thing I sent you... said...

The fount certainly isn't a fake...seen plenty of similar from Japan all the way across to Singapore. Even had one at an event I was running once. All I can say is: uniform acceleration + wacky Asian sensibilities = cool output devices.

Jason Janicki said...

I would imagine (with my relatively little knowledge) that something like this wouldn't really be that hard. You'd just need some very precise timing and valves.

It always amazes me when people take simple things and build something extraordinary from them.