Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, there goes another Thanksgiving.

It was largely uneventful. I had turkey with all the trimmings with a group of friends, as I was unable to get back down to California (though I will be returning for Christmas).

The ninjas did come 'round, though I never actually saw them. The left-over turkey was eaten and the mashed potatoes were gone, so I'm assuming it was them. Well, that and the poisoned dart someone shot me in the butt with. Luckily, the poison was counteracted by the stuffing and aside from a few minutes where I was concerned that the ceiling was melting, not much happened.

A new page will be up on Tuesday and look for the usual blogs throughout the week!



starhawk555 said...

Darn Ninjas!

In our house it was the pet chicken coming to visit. Somebody didn't secure the backdoor, so after a nice dinner...and curling into a turkey comma in the living comes the chicken!

Bruk, bruk, bruk....nibble, nibble, nibble.....shoo you darn bird!

She just got what had hit the floor, but still chasing a chicken while stuffed with turkey was funny but not fun.

Jerron said...

See, it was the other way around for me. Looking out the back window, we see a turkey.. no, 5... no, over a dozen nice-sized wild turkeys (And no, it wasn't the booze-type, either.)

My one daughter decided to chase them, and the other asked me, "Dad, what do you do with a turkey you catch just before Thanksgiving?" See, they're not so innocent as I'd thought. ;-)

Anyhow, they both chased them, the goal being, I think, to touch them but not catch them. Maybe pull some feathers or something. But, if I'd been told a long time ago they kept coming around... I really need that steel shot kit for the reloader. The lead pellets make the bird taste too sweet... :P

Jason Janicki said...

So you were chasing a chicken that was full of turkey. If you could only have gotten a duck in there somehow you would have had a reverse turducken.

Oooh, I had wild turkey (the bird) once. I was delicious! A family friend was an avid hunter and brought one around. He also gave us boar and venison on occasion. Where do you live that you get wild turkeys in your backyard?