Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Epicenter of Infidelity

So, apparently Joe is a bastard. I’m a bit fuzzy on some of the details, but Sue yelled this very loudly across the parking lot at about 2 am this morning. She yelled other things too, but it was mostly an incoherent mass of swear words and screaming, sort of one long vowel movement.

Joe, needless to say, yelled back. He did call her a ‘harlot,’ so he gets points for at least shouting imaginative insults.

Joe and Sue, as you can well imagine, are not happy with each other. They yelled for a good five minutes, which is about four hours in ‘I wish I could sleep’ years. They even woke up my cat, which hid under the bed. This is impressive. Only the great ‘Gimmie my money!’ argument of ’07 caused my cat to hide quite so quickly.

For whatever reason, it seems like the parking lot directly across from my bedroom window is the epicenter of infidelity.

NOTE: Try saying epicenter of infidelity three times fast

I honestly don’t know why, unless I have some sort of strange, reverse superpower that makes people get into fights in the middle of the night, sort of a Siren’s Song of Stupidity. Anyway, I’m dead tired and my cat is sleeping on my shoulder, which makes it really hard to type (or move, for that matter). It one thing to keep me up, but when you tire a cat out, that’s saying something.



Lyman said...

OK, now realize I am only laughing at the situation, not at your inability to sleep due to the epicenter. Thank you, though as this is quite amusing. I would love to hear about the great 2007 "Gimme my money" incident! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day.

Of course curiosity begs the question, were the 'gimme my money' yellers the same ones who gave this performance?

-- RikaCMO

Jason Janicki said...

I did not expect it, but the 'gimmie my money' incident seems to have garnered some attention. Mayhap I will write that one down for a future blog.

Actually, no. These were a completely different set of people (as far as I know). This was in a completely different apartment complex. The 'GMM' (for short) involved three guys and one (maybe two) girls.