Monday, September 15, 2008


I had no idea this even existed. The first part is rather dull, but wait 'till you get to the action.

I love the fact that they're no non-chalant. They even hand the camera back and forth.

Just, wow.

Tomorrow: Conversations with Dead People



Anonymous said...

That cant be legal.
That shouldnt be legal.

starhawk555 said...

That is fun, but the road was a little busy for my taste.

I used to do this on a mountain bike way up a mountain were my family has a cabin. It is a total pain to get to, and most of the roads aren't no cars.

But anyway, all I knew is I was going insanely fast down a mountain until I passed my pickup car. It turned out I was going over 45 mph on a fairy cheep mountain bike! Good time, just don't dump it.

Also in the winter sleds are fun on those roads. They ice over, so you can run for about 45min down a windy mountain road....and if you have to dump a sled, it normally doesn't hurt as much because you are close to the ground and there is snow to hit.

But yah, the key is choosing a road with NO traffic and making sure you have a car to meat you at the end + come looking for you if you don't make it.

Gillsing said...

Intense! And no, that certainly didn't look legal. But what do I know? Maybe speed limits only apply to vehicles and not to wheels without gears?

starhawk555 said...

Well my dad got a speeding ticket on a bicycle. He was going 40 mph in a 25 mph zone.

But that has to do with bikes are street legal in California, but things like skateboards aren't. It all comes down to the area, the speed, the level of disturbance and the mood of the cop.

Lisa said...

Rip Kitty.

and a pox on people that want to make fun illegal.

heather said...

my condolences. losing a family member is never easy, be they with or without fur.

Jason Janicki said...

The first time I watched it, I was like 'shouldn't you be wearing some protection?' I then thought about it and realized that no protection is going to save you on a paved road at that speed.

Thanks for the kind words. Leigh and his wife appreciate them :)

Jerron said...

I've fallen on pavement at those speeds. Granted, it was an unplanned dismount from the motorcycle, but still... There *is* protection that works just fine. I got up swearing at the idiot, but toned it down since I was mostly interested in the ankle the bike landed on.

Oh, and sorry about the cat. While I'm trying hard to get rid of mine (read: My wife's), that's not the way I want to do it. (Want another? I got an extra...)

Jason Janicki said...

What I meant was that they weren't (at least not that I could tell) wearing any protection. Sure, a good leather bike suit would do a lot for a situation like that.

I'll pass your condolences onto Leigh and his wife. I somehow doubt your wife would want to get rid of her cat :)