Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nerds Unite!: Part 4

So, after a week's voting, we have an official winner for the name of a group of nerds. The results were compiled from Blog comments, a thread in the forum, and direct emailings to myself.

The voting is as follows:
Googleplex (or just 'plex): 2 votes
Array: 2 votes
Conclave: 2 votes
Con (in whatever form): 3 votes

And the winner is: Fellowship, with 4 votes!

There we have it, folks, we are now officially a Fellowship of Nerds.

I wil now begin to investigate how to get this into Wikipedia, so that the world may know of our stunning decision. Also feel free to argue the point. We're nerds, if it's one thing we do well, it's argue.



Chris said...

awww i was really hoping for conclave.

Jason Janicki said...

Well, it was close, but the nerds spoke.

Maybe we can call a group of geeks a conclave?

Chris said...