Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Did I Do That?

So, I turned on my computer, went off to clean some ninja blood off the porch (I found a tooth!), and then came back to check my mail and do all the usual things.

However, when I clicked on the 'Start' button, instead of clicking on the 'Outlook' button, I instead hit the 'Turn Off Computer' button and then 'Shut-Down.'

I then looked at my computer and said 'Why the hell are you shutting down.' I paused for a moment as I realized I'd told it to and then said 'Why the hell did I do that?'

Obviously, I managed to turn the computer back on, but 'wow.'

The scary thing is that they let me drive a car. On the road. By myself.

In other news, our site is still messed up. Leigh is handling it, but somehow, some bit got wired to some other bit and now, after working fine for several years, it decided to go 'kablooey.' We have people working on it and we should (hopefully) be able to update again soon.

Look for a new episode of Art the Wanderer on Monday and the usual blogs throughout the week.

Now to put that ninja tooth under the pillow. Hopefully, the tooth-fairy won't care that it isn't actually mine.



TX_Val said...

Well I was going to attempt some wit about the tooth fairy, but work got in the way. I realized this window was open in the background, and just thought I'd ramble, and vote.

I don't think the tooth fairy cares that it's not yours.

That reminds me of a comic someone wrote a while back about the tooth fairy, and how they needed the teeth for ammo to defend their home.

I've done a minor search of the comic-pages I thought might have posted it, and nothing turned up.

Maybe during lunch, I'll try again.

Instead, I'll throw out this delightful strip about Frosty..

Captain Hesperus said...

I delivered the tooth, next it might be a finger, or an ear... Be warned, Hesperus don't like ninja assassins! ;)


Jason Janicki said...

I think you're thinking about the VG Cats strip where Leo is telling a story about critters who ripped their teeth out to use as weapons against the giant chocolate bunny that was ravaging their lands. It was quite odd, but funny :)

I remember that one about Frosty. Gotta make sure your magic hats are evil before you put them on the showman!

I would actually prefer teeth, Cap. I got a buck for the last one :)