Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ghost FIGHTER!: Part 1

Last I checked, there seem to be about 1500 different Ghost Hunter –type shows on television. I’ve watched a few of them and they all have the same basic format.

1. Each team consists of two or three heavy-set guys with names like ‘Vinny’ and one ludicrously hot girl.
2. They have a ton of fancy equipment that they set up in a very serious manner.
3. They travel to haunted places, set up said equipment, and then hang out, waiting for something to happen.
4. The hot girl can be counted on to scream at least once. Occasionally, one of the guys will scream as well. Sometimes there’s running involved.
5. The viewer will be shown several fuzzy images at the end of the show and the team will comment on how this was the most amazing haunting they’ve ever been to.

I just have one question: How do I get this job?


I am wildly qualified for this. I have a degree, can operate a video camera, and when needed, can wax poetic about what just happened.

Other shows: “Yeah, there was a weird shadow at 12:33 on the tape. It kinda looked like a dog.”

My show: “My god! What crawling, eldritch horror is this? It looks as if it were vomited forth from the very mouth of Hell! What is it? What mission of evil has sent it lurching into our realm? Do not look, I beg you! Your very MIND is at stake!

Yeah, I can do this.

But I’ll need a gimmick. Something that’ll make me stand out from the 1.5 billion other ghost hunter shows out there. So, instead of just hunting ghosts, I’ll actually try and fight them. That’s right, my show will be Ghost FIGHTER!!!

Tomorrow: Part 2


Sharon T. Rose said...

You should read the "Kitty and the Midnight Hour" series. Book five has some interesting ghosthunters such as you see on TV. Maybe you could get a job on their show; they do some exocisms. You could show off your mad ghostFIGHTING skillz.

Jason Janicki said...

'Kitty and the Midnight Hour' eh? I'll have to look into those. Thanks :)