Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jury Duty: Day 1

I have to say, without the slightest reservation, that jury duty rocks.


I rode the bus to get there. Not exactly thrilling, but it was quick and easy and because I was the only one on the bus for a while, the driver told me some really funny stories about stuff that’d happened on his bus.

The bus dropped me off within spitting distance of court, I sign in, sit down, relax, and start reading a Terry Pratchett novel (Making Money).

Fifteen minutes later, this gorgeous woman sits down next to me, notices I’m reading a Pratchett book and starts talking about it. Turns out she’s a huge Pratchett fan and even likes the same ones I do. Her name’s Anna and we end up going out to lunch to this really nice Chinese place and had a fantastic conversation. She’s in Marketing and minored in English, and frankly, she’s practically perfect.

Neither one of us were called to court, so we talked all day and she gave me her number. She’s on IM right now and I’m talking to her and writing the blog at the same time.

Jury duty turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me!

NOTE: Jason is a big, fat liar. None of the above actually.

My day was actually fairly ‘blah’. I got lost because I got off on the wrong stop in the morning and it took me thirty minutes to find the courthouse. Once in, it wasn’t too bad. I never got called and basically sat on my butt all day, though I did read Making Money all the way through.

Anna does exist, though. She’s a grandmother and yes, she did sit next to me. She was very nice.

Going home provided yet one more adventure. It turns out that the bus stop I got off at isn’t actually the one I used to get back on to go home. Why it’s this way, I don’t know, but someone needs to be beaten for this, as I spent an hour standing on a street corner waiting for a bus that was actually going by a street over.

A guy did offer me fifty bucks to ‘jump the fence.’ No, I didn’t do it, as I don’t know what that means.

It took a while for me to puzzle this out and get to the proper stop, though the ensuing ride home was uneventful.

So, Day 1 was pretty boring, bookended with frustration. I have high hopes for Day 2 (boring, without the frustrations).



Darren said...

I've never heard the expression 'jump the fence'. What does it mean?

Gillsing said...

Google it. The Urban Dictionary knows everything that we do not.

Lurklen said...

Maybe he just wanted to know if you wanted to watch him jump over a really high fence.

And man that first version of the day sounded awesome, stupid reality.

Kammorremae said...

I ended up on jury duty back in '07. Not horribly fun.

Silver said...

Aww, I almost started feeling happy for you before I realised. That wasn't very nice.

Darren said...

Considering the scene described, I was thinking 'Jump the fence' had more to do with some obscure American reference for drugs. I was wrong. Gillsing, thanks for you answer. It was exceedingly helpful. May you always have such sage advice.

Jason Janicki said...

While 'jump the fence' may have some sort of meaning to it that I'm unaware of, I pretty much just came up with something that sounded vaguely dirty. 'Whack a Mole' was also considered, but that sounded painful :)

Anonymous said...

TT awwww..... You are horrible. For a moment, I thought that you had met a girl!
Oh well.... Better luck next time! We're rooting for ya! =)

Jason Janicki said...

Well, I did. Kinda ;)