Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Body Hates Me

Last night, I didn't have insomnia.


I was out like a light. I was makin’ ‘Zs.’ I was (probably) snoring like a lactose intolerant were-boar who’d just eaten an entire pizza.

I would like to say it was marvelous, but I don’t recall any of it.

So, of course, my body decided that just wouldn’t do, so I awoke at 5:17 am with a full body cramp.

Literally, my entire body went ‘crap!’ and just knotted it up. Needless to say, I woke up. I actually had to get up and walk around for a bit until things loosened up. This, of course, woke me up even more, so I didn’t really fall back asleep before getting up at 7:15 to work out.

This has led me to one conclusion: my body hates me.

I don’t know why or how, but there you go. Maybe I mistreated it in the past. Maybe I forgot to buy it flowers on our anniversary. I dunno. All I do know is that it’s bound and determined to never let me actually get a full night’s sleep.

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. Most of the blogs come from me staring at the ceiling at 3 am thinking about things like 'Mordor’s Idol,' which would be a talent show where orcs sang. Other orcs would vote by throwing things at them, like axes and severed heads.

Needless to say, I’m going to be early tonight.

Anyway, look for a new chunk of Art the Wanderer next Sunday and the usual silliness the rest of the week. And please vote! Often! With extreme prejudice!



Anonymous said...

Does this have something to do with the title of the previous post, "Yoga"?

pixie_bit said...

I am thinking you either need a lot more or a lot less yoga.
"Let go of the pain you must"

Anonymous said...

Ah, crap, somebody beat me to the obvious connection between "Yoga" and "Full Body Cramp".

Maybe you aren't getting enough of some important nutrient, say, Morphine?


Hrimhari said...

Jason, I'm surprised at the (low) amount of votes that Wayfarer's Moon is getting on Top100.

I read Two Kinds, The Noob, Strays and I just gave a try at Goblins. WM is the most professional looking of them all, with well wrapped up argument and art, and I dare say it's one of the most regular. It's a comic that should do great once printed.

I can't help but wonder what's keeping it from rocketing to the top 10... is it that the non-parodying style isn't so appealing to gamers? Is it that manga is the current trend? Well, Strays isn't doing much better, but still...

Maybe people lack the incentive of the "sneak peek" that many of the higher positioned ones have? You guys could innovate and put "random" sneak peeks : P Art the Wanderer is an incentive to come back and vote again, and that's something none of the others have.

Maybe WM is so good that it falls on the right side of the bell-shaped audience curve instead of hitting the middle?

KlemenD said...

sounds like overtraining:

typical symptoms are: sleeping disorders, cramps, fatigue, decreased performance, ...

have it checked by some sports physician, and have your bloodwork done.
if you don't want to do that: take two weeks off from training.
if you improve... well. if you don't this might also be something more serious.

some calcium and magnesium should get rid of the cramps... as long as you watch your fluid intake (especially if your yoga should be sweat-yoga)

Jason Janicki said...

Actually, I've been doing the Yoga for over a month, so I kinda doubt that's it. Since this has never happened before, I'm going to guess that I just slept in the same position too long and my body revolted.

Thanks, Hrimhari!I really don't know why we aren't as high on the TopWeb list. We (obviously) think we should be #1, but there you go. It's hard to say. Goblins also only updates once a week, but they're #1, so I'm not sure that's it (I read Goblins too, great strip!). The one thing that I've noticed is that the top comics tend to have a lot of strips. It just may be that people are more apt to vote for a strip that's been around longer. I dunno.

Thanks for the advice, KlemenD. I've actually got a physical scheduled for the end of the week, so I'll get all my bloodwork done and talk to the doc. The cramps only happened once, so we'll see if they come back. I do take a daily multi-vitamin and drink milk everyday, so I should be good to go on the calcium and magnesium.

Gillsing said...

Both The Noob and Goblins are related to VERY popular games, that's what attracts the gamers. Goblins isn't even much of a parody anymore, is it? But yes, humor certainly helps with the popularity contests. Maybe when Lily learns how to properly insult her foes, this comic will at last rise to its rightful place?

Anthony said...

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