Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well, we've made it back down to #48 on Top Web comics. Thank you all very much for voting. Now we just need to continue slowly going down until we reach #1 and world domination . . .

On the bright side, it will be Labor Day weekend! I have zero plans, besides my usual game-playing, comic-writing, ninja-fighting ones. I am considering getting the ninjas into WoW. It will give them something to do when I'm not home and will distract them sufficiently for some satisfying ambushing.

In other news . . . well, there really isn't that much other news. We're busy as usual. We've already applied to next year's Emerald City and San Diego Comic-Cons, so make your plans / reservations now.

Anyway, have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend and please remember to vote!



Darren said...

I think it's funny how people don't work on Labour Day. I also find it mildly amusing when women go into labour on Labour Day. Seems fitting...

It also means I get a two day weekend. Yay!

Jason Janicki said...

Only two days? That seems criminal, if you ask me.

Well, 'Sitting on Your Butt Watchign TV Day' didn't quite have the same ring to it :)