Thursday, July 9, 2009

C-Day Minus 14

So, in exactly two-weeks, Leigh and I will be in San Diego for Comic-Con!

Once there, we will find out if Leigh has won the Russ Manning Award (which I'm sure he will) and we will be awash in fans, super-models, and gorgeous actresses who just want to be near us.

Actually, they might wander by the booth, but that's okay too. Not preferable, but still okay :)

We are pretty much ready. Our book orders have come in, we picked up extra deoderant, and I will probably get a haircut before the trip down.

Remember, we're Table L11 and we're hoping to see some of our fans there!



"gunner" said...

with a recent bath, deodorant and a haircut you'll have an enormous edge over most of the other guys trying to get female attention at a con. fresh shaves and/or neatly trimmed beards help too.

Jason Janicki said...

Note to self: bathe. Use deoderant.

Thanks for the reminder! :)