Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 4th Weekend!

Well, I was planning on saying something pithy about the upcoming 4th of July weekend, but I really don't do 'pithy' well. I'm reasonably good at 'wry' and 'kinda dumb,' but not 'pithy.'

Anyway, I'd just like to take this moment to wish everyone a fun 4th of July and to remind everyone to please be safe. Firecrackers do not belong in any orifice, no matter how fun and/or amusing it may seem at the time. As someone who once shot himself in the nostril with a bottle rocket, I speak from experience.

NOTE: I was ten and it more or less bounced off and exploded harmlessly about 20-feet away. Many people were amused by the incident, but dared not say anything because my mother would have murdered them.

So yes, please be safe.

Have a great 4th!



Jerron said...


I second the be safe sentiment. Stay away from illegal fireworks, too. Some of them are poorly built, so badly that they'll explode and really hurt you. Then what- call the cops? Sue them? You'd be lucky to find them next year.

Plus, with the economy so crappy, they picked up on this as the 'infraction Du jour' and are planning a no tolerance, lock-'em-all-away approach, to raise funds from the fines. One bottle rocket, while in the past mostly ignored, is technically hundreds of dollars you don't need to lose.

Find something someone doesn't like, and enforce it with fines. That'll keep America green!

Jason Janicki said...

Good points there, Jerron.

The fire department did show up at my apartment complex on the fourth, but I'm not sure why (no alarms or anything). I didn't see an ambulance, just one of the tanker trucks, so I'm kind of curious.

TX_Val said...

Well I stayed away from the computer for days, well except Hulu, and that was just to watch something with the kids before bedtime.

As I said, it was dry down here, so dry the grass is crunching underfoot, so we have burn bans, and such going, while they were selling fire works, there were alot of them that weren't allowed. We just skipped it this year, and went somewhere to watch a big show. I took the kids swimming alot.

I did introduce my 2 (1/2) year old to "snakes." His sister (10) thinks they're great, and he got a kick out of them. The little pellets, that you light and they grow like an ash worm, until the wind blows and it just crumbles.
OH and the little poppers, that you throw down. I'd put them on the slab by the garage, and he'd stomp on them.

That was our fireworksg. Nothing got blown off at our house. Sun burns were the only danger this weekend.

Well that and I was doing yard work when it was hitting 105 *gasps*, and I killed 2 snakes.

That was funny, chased them down with my riding lawn more, pinned them under the front wheel, then called the neighbor on my cell, to bring me a shovel before they got away.